Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Bay gone; Carr scouted; Nuggets dirt

CU sophomore-to-be Kal Bay is the latest to be ushered from the Buffs basketball program, according to published reports in the Denver media.


No explanation given, big questions in abundance.

What happened?

There were flashes that the point guard from Arizona could play at this level, if not as a starter, then certainly as a reserve, providing some passing and perimeter scoring. In a new offense that is all about discipline and fundamentals this news is puzzling, maybe just because there is nothing of significance said by coach Jeff Bzdelik.

All hysterics aside, Bzdelik is a winner and should be given the benefit of the doubt in the moment on the way he's rebuilding this program. One thing to remember, he can care less about other's opinions -- yours, mine, the janitor or the lunch lady.

The man is here to do a job, which means winning as much as graduating players and running a clean operation. That is the criteria in which he will ultimately be judged.

Bzdelik knows there is no reward in being popular in May and June.

Bay will resurface and if he finds a school that needs his skills and desire, he will make an impact.

Colorado State basketball scored in Nebraska, securing a verbal from Jesse Carr. So how good is he and how good can he be? Looking for insight, I spoke to Ron Powell of the Lincoln (NE) Journal Star.
"It can be difficult projecting someone's D-1 college potential playing against small school competition in Nebraska, but I'll try. Carr is a unique player because he has the ball handling, passing skills and court vision to play point guard but also possesses the shooting range to play the off-guard.

"Obviously, he plays well at clutch time, as the state finals showed.

"At 6-2, height shouldn't be a problem, especially since he can high jump 6-6 or 6-7 on a good day and play taller than he is. He looked quick against C-1 high school competition but throw him against other D-1 college guards and I don't know. The jury is still out on that. He'll need to get stronger and improve his defense but he's got another year of high school to work on those things."
The WSN breakdown of Powell's scouting report? Carr is not lacking for athleticism. Who knows if his foot speed is going to allow him to beat people off the dribble or defend but he doesn't appear to be stuck in quicksand either.

He seems, from the report and not from having seen him play, to be exactly what teams are looking for these days in the backcourt -- a combo guard who can dish and score it. That is exactly the type of player that wins games in the postseason. His fundamentals, athleticism and balanced skill set sound like a good fit for the Rams.

Maybe, just maybe, Carr will prove to be a sleeper hit in Fort Collins.

Ron Artest to Denver, Marcus Camby leaving town -- how do these absurd rumors get started and why do they get credence from the media? Called in for a favor from the ever-tuned-in Nugg Doctor to get some answers.
"They only get credence because Nuggets news is thin right now. Everyone in the free world knows that Kwame Brown is not coming to Denver for Marcus Camby but the big papers have to print something.

"Honestly, I feel that sometimes the more ridiculous the trade rumor the more credence it gets because of the innately human trait to gravitate towards the sensational. Like driving by a bad accident on the highway, it is in all of us to curse every other motorist out there for having to glance and look, thus creating the traffic jam, but when it is our turn to pass by the wreckage we do what every other driver just did and take a quick peek.

"The big papers know this and that is why they report even the most ridiculous of scenarios about our favorite sports teams."

What would such moves, on Fantasy Island, do for the Nuggets?

"The move of trading Kenyon Martin straight up for Artest would be absolutely devastating. Sure, Kenyon is no Bill Russell when it comes to team concept but Artest would have this team in shambles by the All-Star break. There is no possible way that Carmelo, (Allen Iverson) and Artest could co-exist and quite frankly, given his track record with the Pacers and Kings, I don't think is ready to be part of a team environment. He commands the spotlight and in Denver that would be the worst-case scenario.

"As for the Kwame Brown rumor... just don't! Trading Camby for Brown would be like the Nuggets having the top three picks in the last ten drafts combined and selecting Nikoloz Tskitishvili, Raef LaFrentz, and Tony Battie one, two, three all over again. And I don't think I need to remind you where this team was at with that cast of characters in the mix! Does anyone remember the 1997-98 season?"
The Broncos get their man -- huge tackle Sam Adams. The only question is does he have anything left in the tank? If so, it's a winning move for coach Mike Shanahan's defense, teaming Adams with Gerard Warren, slowing down opposing running games. Now, if only that pass rush can be found, consistently.

Nuggets star guard Allen Iverson in training to get his team deep into the playoffs next season. Considering the cat weighs, what, 170 pounds dripping wet, it makes you wonder how much he could down before he was floating. Imagine, if you will, though, your night on the town being made public to your family, employer, friends, everyone. That's today's world if you're rich and famous. Sort of nice to be anonymous in it. I could get all drunk, high and stupid and no one would care. For the famous, not quite so uncomplicated, is it.

Former Bronco and now ex-Seahawk Kelly Herndon got the boot from Seattle for younger meat. Herndon played three seasons in Denver and recorded six interceptions and forced five fumbles. He was overpaid the last two years and thats the reason he got replaced but now, at a discount, he will have value again on the market. Would be a nice nickel back for someone.

Eisen, continued

Remember the Rich Eisen - hot female anchor story where this woman, Alycia Lane, reportedly sent delicious bikini pictures Eisen's way even though the sportscaster is, oh-no -- a married man, shots that his wife, uh-oh, just happened to find, setting off a media orgy?

Well, I later saw a writeup on that whole sordid affair in which the accused's friend, Trish Bergin, a journalist herself, in an attempt to defend Lane, ripped Eisen, saying the whole outcry was a joke and that the plain-looking Eisen is not in Lane's league (gotta agree there).

Thinking that noble intent by Bergin was lacking somewhat in class I politely (honestly) pointed that out to her. That elicited an informative and interesting response.

"Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

"You know, Mike, this whole thing just got me so mad. The photos that Alycia sent to Rich were of a HUGE GROUP of people on the beach on vacation.

"A source of mine at the NY Post tells me it was Rich's wife who sent the information to the papers. For her to describe the photos as SAUCY and then NOT ATTACH the photos was ridiculous!

"Rich could have set the record straight when the papers asked him for comment. But it is my opinion that he decided instead to sit back and bask in the moment of feeling like he was the catch of the season. So for THAT I decided to remind him that he certainly isn't!

"Thanks for your comments though, Mike."

My Best,

Trish Bergin

So why doesn't that ever happen this direction, getting beach shots of my sexy female friends? Guess I'm just not in their league. Still trying to figure out which league, if any, I'm in.

Final Salvo

CSU is making changes, stepping out, going for it to increase funding to better their athletic programs. This is but a step, but it is a step, which it says here, will materialize under athletic director Paul Kowalczyk. He is passionate and expects that of all who work for him. He believes CSU is a potential gold mine and you can lay money (please) that he will strike riches within the next five years.

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