Friday, June 1, 2007

Melo' education, 100 club, Rams score

So is Carmelo Anthony watching? I think he is. Dwyane Wade has his moment in history with an NBA title. LeBron James is making people take notice he is a prime-time playoff performer. Melo', sadly, is just another scorer right now, Dominique Wilkins if you will.

If he wants the national respect as someone important in this game he's going to have to start leading as much as scoring and posing in the world, begin caring more, winning more, showing he has the goods when it counts; open himself up and show his guts.

Former Arvada West start Roy Halladay has just won his 100th major league game, leading Toronto past the White Sox, 2-0. If not for injuries, Halladay would be one of the most accomplished pitchers around. As it is, he is still a high-quality starter that any team would love to have, especially one a mile high. One big cheer sent Halladay's way.

CSU just scored a point guard from the state of Nebraska in Jesse Carr and just going to say this -- haven't seen him play but two things come to mind -- one, if he's so great why didn't the Huskers recruit him and two, 180 degrees from that sentiment, why does he sound like a guy that many schools will one day rue not offering a scholarship? Look at his numbers and attitude and you can't help but think you've heard this story before -- lightly recruited player goes to lesser college and develops into big star. From what you read, sounds like a Steve Nash-type player (see Santa Clara). Whoa, didn't say he would be Nash only that he has that same kind of story and his all-out court mentality also sounds similar. Now, if he can just start eating some of that Nebraska beef to bulk up from 165 pounds.

Guessing Rams coach Tim Miles is, well, giddy right now. No guards, no success. The WSN continues to be amazed at the all-out effort of Miles and CU's Jeff Bzdelik. These guys want to win. Not saying that the deposed Dale Layer and Ricardo Patton didn't but there is just a different feel in the air with the new guys.

Is it wrong to write a 'Dear John' letter today?
Dear John Major,

I have had my eye on you and think you are so amazing, so hot, so my type!

I want to be all yours.

Let's hook up and be great.


Dan Hawkins, CU, as ghost written by the WSN
If this works, might have to, shhhhhhh, write Curtis Cunningham of Columbine next, for either Hawkins or CSU's Sonny Lubick.

The bloom is off the Colorado Rockies buzz as they lost their second-straight game after winning seven in a row. The Cardinals 7-3 win Thursday pushed the schoolyard weakling back down in the dirt. Aaron Cook and Ramon Ramirez simply stunk but to be fair, I had a bad day too all the way around, things blowing up all around me, losing a ton of money, so I can assume if I were on the mound, I would have been jet fuel too (flammable).

Jim Williams
went 92 years before his body gave out. The CSU basketball coaching standard has passed away but not before leaving a bold impression on the people and program that he was a part of in Fort Collins.

The National Sweep

The Pistons are not so much having difficulty scoring as they are defending. After LeBron James shredded them for 48 points in a 109-107 overtime victory Thursday, the Eastern Conference power is on life support. One great thing theCavs now have going for them is Detroit is in a state of shock. Now is the time for Cleveland to knock them out. If they allow the Pistons to resuscitate themselves in Game 6 they might live to regret it.

By the way, were are all those James' hecklers now?


Billy Donovan used Florida at the end but gave them more than they ever had leading up to the dumping so really, how can the Gators feel cheated. Good for them, they have two national titles and an elite national profile and now Donovan has mo' money, mo' money, mo' money and an NBA job. The WSN word -- he will beat the rap that college coaches fail in the NBA but will eventually end up back in college, in less than 10 years.

Steelers assistant coach Larry Zierlein, at least for now, and he might end up being fired yet, it says here, is lying. Yes, he made a mistake forwarding a sex video email around the NFL, including to the freaking commissioner but his explanation that he didn't know how to delete it and accidentally forwarded it is rubbish. L-I-E. For that poor attempt at a cover-up, he should be canned, never mind the embarrassment to the Pittsburgh organization.

So here's how it works -- you want an NBA coaching or front office job? You become an intelligent talking head as a broadcaster and have all the world think you are a genius. See Pat Riley, Doc Rivers and now Steve Kerr. The Phoenix Suns have hired the former player and current broadcaster and writer as their president and general manager.

Don't get me wrong, Kerr has a great story and is a likable guy but listen and read his material and he doesn't come off sounding like the next R.C. Buford of the Spurs or Joe Dumars of the Pistons.

Has Spurs guard Tony Parker had any loving lately from Eva Longoria or is that all on marriage layaway still? I mean, the guy has agreed to say 'I do' and he has advanced to the NBA Finals again and he does have a break until San Antonio finds out who from the East his team will play. What else is a pro athlete to do with the honeys swarming like bees? Read romance novels? Paint his nails and talk on the telephone? Do housework?

NBA great Karl Malone shows he is about more than money. No matter your rooting interest in him as one of the greatest power forwards ever, the man is all about work, quality and now, others.

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