Friday, June 22, 2007

Rockies bully Yankees, CU gets first rounder

Colorado sweeps the Yankees. Sweeeeeeeeeps the Yannnnnnnkeeeees. Wow. This group of misfits (18-27) has really stepped up (20-7 over last 27 games) and become someone. What kind of brew is being stirred in the clubhouse? Look at the standings, rub your eyes and realize the Rockies are in the divisional race. If the pitching isn't a mirage, if the offense continues to improve and if, if, if the team makes a power play for a veteran, who knows what might be possible -- a wild card? Colorado still needs another bat and another proven pitcher if it is going to be anything this season. If it sits on the roster, the Rockies will fade.

So the question is -- would you trade prospects for a chance to win now? Todd Helton is unmovable. Garrett Atkins should be, despite his lousy season. Yes, Ian Stewart has solid potential, yes Joe Koshansky has talent, yes Greg Reynolds looks like a major leaguer but if the right bat, the right arm is out there you have to step away from the wall, put yourself out there and go for gold.

Beating Roger Clemens, even these days, when he should only be doing commercials, is a special accomplishment. Look at all the Hall of Famers fans saw at Coors Field on Thursday -- Clemens, Derek Jeter, and Alex Rodriguez -- and yet the Rockies win. Does it get any better than that?

I see where Troy Renck of the Denver Post used the word "ace" and Aaron Cook in the same sentence. Does Cook play cards? Hey, I love the guy but he never was, isn't and will never be a pitching ace. He's a middle-of-the-rotation guy who can surprise once in a while. Case closed. Drive home safely.

The Sporting News has picked Rockies outfielder Matt Holliday as an All Star but snubbed crafty lefty Jeff Francis. Holliday deserves the lust but Francis does too, as he has been stingy on the mound in both the National and American leagues. shockingly stabbed Holliday in the back in deference to Barry Bonds. Show me the math on that one, please.

NCAA misguided

Here we go again. The NCAA blasts CU for meals violations?

Meals violations.

As in undercharging athletes.

Yet, steroids, no big deal.

Yet, USC and Reggie Bush got away with big-time fraud.

Yet, Notre Dame gets its' own network and now the SEC wants its' own too.

What about Nebraska's weight room or Texas' budget?

All those aren't superior advantages that most don't have?

Do they see how much of a joke they are?

Not saying that what CU did was right but to pee your pants and mete out your little man-justice looks weak.

The NCAA, like the IRS, should be blown up, figuratively speaking.

Nuggets Noise, Smith drafting, Roby's failure

The Nuggets need a big shooting guard who can flat out fill it up. The good news is there are guys like that out there this year and if Denver sits on its' hands and does nothing, it will only have itself to blame come next season when it loses early in the playoffs. I'm getting the strong feeling, yes I am, that the boys in the front office have something cooking for draft night. They know they don't have enough in the backcourt to go deep in the playoffs and that they have to make it happen now to make it happen then.

Think me off my rocker but CSU forward Jason Smith will be drafted ahead of former McDonald's All-American and Dukie Josh McRoberts and Brazilian big man Tiago Splitter. He'll end up being better than both and get this, better than Florida star Joakim Noah. That said, Smith won't be a starter in the Association, but instead a quality backup.

If CU guard Richard Roby wouldn't have had his confidence shattered this season, if he would have brought it hard every game, he would have ended up a top-15 pick. Jeff Bzdelik is very happy that didn't happen as he now gets to coach his first year in Boulder with a first-rounder on his team.

Maybe I'm drunk on optimism but my first blind look into next winter has me ready to say CSU basketball is going to be highly competitive and its' going to win some games it likely shouldn't while CU is going to push for an NIT bid (but fall short) even without one quality big man on the roster. Man, I am drunk!

Sweeping the Nation

Former Rockies catcher and Marlins manager Joe Girardi stiffs the Baltimore Orioles, who wanted him to manage their franchise. The truth, amigos? Joe G. turned down the job for one reason -- he didn't want to get fired again. And with Peter Angelos the owner, that was a distinct possibility. Girardi realized that better opportunities would arise, possibly in, are you ready for this -- Colorado, St. Louis, or with the Yankees (for whom he played) or White Sox.

A little advice for NBA Finals MVP Tony Parker. Life is good -- don't get married. Not even to Eva Longoria. Dude, it's a Hollywood marriage, you both travel, she's a mini-star, you're a star, hate to say it but it won't last. Go out for Chinese and don't come back. Save yourself, save each other. Try to trust me on this one. You go the other way and I'm giving you and her 3 years, tops and a bomb of emotional carnage.

O.K., brothers, just thought you might like to know this.

Now, getouttahere. Hope to see you back soon.

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