Saturday, June 2, 2007

Letter from the editor on changes

Due to business responsibilities as well as personal, the WSN is going to slow down for the summer.

You may not see daily posts for the foreseeable future. I do hope, no later than Broncos preseason and the start of college football, to be back to posting every day.

For those of you who read this space frequently, thank you. My goal is to again start providing interviews come fall. My business has increased, the time I spend with my children has increased and because of that I no longer have as much freedom with my time to pursue speaking to others as I did when I published the Black and Gold Truth.

At your convenience, you can check this space and find postings. How many a week that will be I can't say for now.

If you wish to provide content, send an email through the box on the front page, in the left-hand margin and we can discuss your ideas. I do have an interview from a field reporter coming your way on CU basketball. If you want to do something for the Buffs, Rams, or Falcons, let's talk.

Look forward to writing daily sometime soon.

Best wishes,


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