Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Rockies woes, Buffs and Falcons lose

Loving the Rockies typical summer swoon (five games and counting). The pitching has disappeared and Colorado looks like the big chump it was earlier this season. Oh, they'll come out of it, they always do after a prolonged fog, but the question is how many games will they lose in the standings before they do? This is an annual pattern. The ultimatum? Don't be so tight fisted on prospects. Look to make a deal for pitching first, an impact bat second. Prospects are unproven. Look for established veterans.

Now is the time for the Nuggets to be creative and aggressive. They should be a good team in 2007-08 but how good? Playoff success good? Contender worthy? Doubtful unless they bring in more than a rookie free-agent shooter. Said it before -- the WSN thinks the boys in the Denver front office are workin' it and will take some mighty cuts to make something flashy and positive happen on draft night. Perimeter shooters, a lockdown defender and a jolt of chemistry-inducing character are all on the wish list. An acquisition doesn't have to be through the draft, it could be in the form of a veteran.

CSU and CU kicking off at 10 a.m.? What, a 7 o'clock in the morning spot wasn't available? Hey, getting on TV is very important for these two schools but how ready to hit and be hit is someone by 10 a.m.? Maybe the fan doesn't care, who knows. The players will adjust. They have no choice. Regardless of the necessity of this move, it's still ridiculous.

CU and Air Force not being to use their brain power to create a football series -- disappointing. Would be great local theater. Could have happened with some effort, desire and will. Should have happened. Didn't happen. Truly, what it came down to was that CU didn't want the competition to actualize itself.

CU coach Dan Hawkins does have a point about a series potentially limiting dates with marquee schools but the Buffs and Falcons don't have to play every season. How about a home-and-home series that takes place once in a while?

Buffs elite running back recruit P.T. Gates is looking iffy to be eligible come fall. The JUCO star simply is not a classroom stud. He was a gamble Hawkins had to take because Gates had the talent CU needed and he was willing to commit while many other stars laughed at the offer.

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