Sunday, June 10, 2007

Smith crash, Bzdelik plan, Scarface, Carr

Nuggets guard J.R. Smith loves basketball. He's young. He's still growing as a person. Immaturity and him hang out together. His auto accident Saturday that left him and a passenger with serious injuries, hopefully, will wake him up. Yes, it was an accident that can happen to anyone of any age but now is the time for Smith to say "timeout" and come up with another game plan for his life. How about letting someone else call the plays for a little while, J.R.?

Said it before, will say it again and again -- once the CU basketball program starts winning again and on a consistently higher level than it has, and all this will happen, people will forget all about all this short-sighted, fact-deficient garbage that Jeff Bzdelik-is-a-troll that is now circulating the area. While I'm sure he is not happy with all the scrutiny, he is likely laughing about it all too, considering the ridiculousness of his lack of empathy for the former players. In the end, this won't affect recruiting in the least, despite media attempts to the contrary.

Ex-Oriole Rodrigo Lopez pitches Colorado past Baltimore and Kaz Matsui drives in two runs late to get all the media glory. The Rockies again won't win anything this season but the talented bunch of misfits are winning some games and at least earning some attention by being a tease. You actually feel now that this team is only a couple pieces away from being a division contender.

Former Broncos defensive back Kelly Herndon, recently dumped by Seattle, has a new home, joining Jeff Fisher's Tennessee Titans, a quality organization.

Kenyon Martin, for his volcanic temper, ain't all bad. He does have a heart for others, as WSN friend Marc Spears reports in his column. Martin has an inner fire for many reasons, most unknown. The word here is if Martin is ever healthy enough to be someone on the court again, he will be someone of impact.

Rams Look

A newspaper reporter recently shared some insight on CSU basketball recruit Jesse Carr in this space and late this week, Cody Goochey, the sports director at KBRB radio in Ainsworth, checked in, considering he called all of Carr's games this past season, to offer up an in-depth analysis on Carr's game.

What about made him special against the level of competition in which he played?
"The kid can see the whole floor. I don't know how many assists he had from almost full court -- he had a ton. He's also an unbelievable ball handler."
What's his quickness like off the dribble and defensively?
"He's great off the dribble. He'd rather go his left often and he's so quick. While he is right-handed, he dribbles predominately with his left hand."
Is he honestly a D-1 player?
"Yes, by far. No question about it. I won't say he will be starting as a freshman but he should be playing as a freshman."
Why didn't the Huskers recruit him?
"They are. So is Nevada. He just wants to know right now, to take the pressure off (where he'll play)."
Sweeping the Nation

The media can whine all they want about Roger Clemens but the Yankees and baseball fans will let him have his special treatment because he is special (349 wins). He works, he produces, he's one of the elite of the elite of all time. Shadddddddup!

Flipping through the channels Saturday and for some crazy reason I hit the brakes for golf. Golf! Must have had a lack of oxygen in my brain on that one but regardless, I see John Daley's face looking like he was doing face-first slides into home plate or like he had the worst case of razor burn I've ever seen. Then I hear his statement read by the announcers that his wife, aka Fruity Pebbles, lit him up, without the dirty details being mentioned. Now, Daley is one of the few guys out there who attracts more trouble than me. What did he do to pour gasoline on a woman's anger to deserve that! And will his psychotic wife be prosecuted harshly for this, and then get a huge divorce settlement (you watch!) or will they kiss and make up with no legal consequences. Daley is just a magnet for controversy. Yeah, he brings it upon himself most times, but the man deserves some empathy. He is deeply troubled by life-long demons.

So, a question for heavy-handed, ego-maniacal NBA commissioner David Stern, a dictator in disguise -- considering you slam anyone who opens their mouth, questioning anything about the league, what are you going to do about poor behavior, such as ex-Nugget and current Bucks player Ruben Patterson, still being dogged by his sex-offender ways? And regardless of what Patterson's camp says, sex offenders don't forget they have to register as predators when they move into new hoods. That is made loud and clear to them as part of their life from the day they are allowed to continue mingling in society. Expect the phony commish to do nothing.

WSN Colorado Quarterback Hierarchy

1. Jay Cutler, Broncos
-- his talent and the production in year 1 show he has big game, big potential
2. Caleb Hanie, CSU
-- mistakes are holding him back, having no running game didn't help
3. Shaun Carney, AFA
-- no star but no stiff; how much can he improve is the question
4. CU's grab bag of Cody Hawkins, Nick Nelson
-- Bernard Jackson should have been on this list but he's no QB anymore, Hawkins will soon be rising while Nelson must win the starting position to remain relevant

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