Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Billups and boys looking, lusting for more

Think Chauncey Billups has a sweet deal or what?

His wife or his girlfriend, depends on how you choose to look at the Pistons, still want a relationship with the former George Washington High School and Colorado Buffaloes shooting star but they know that Billups has the itch, being antsy to play the field, get some attention, and score.

The Pistons don't like it one bit but they are still in love. They know if they say "it's us or the highway" that Billups will say. "o.k., the highway" so instead they bite their lip and hope with all their might that all the sexy voices with deep pockets don't make a strong connection to take Billups away from them.

This could still work out, I suppose but it doesn't usually doesn't, does it?

Relocating fantasies

O.K., everyone is burnt out and wants to move on in the NBA.

O.K., maybe not everyone but some big names are fed up and want out of town.

So, forget about the stupid money math that has to line up to make a deal and let's just find compelling situations for these yahoos.

First up, Kobe Bryant. Let's take his fathead ego and put it in Chicago, where he desires and see if he can handle the Ghost -- Michael Jordan, and all his trophies.

Ship Kevin Garnett to Houston in exchange for Tracy McGrady and some spare parts. This allows KG to play with Yao Ming, which is a gift he deserves. Of course, today there are rumors Garnett could end up in L.A. with Bryant, which while media worthy does not necessarily make the Lakers markedly better, especially when you consider the subtraction includes Lamar Odom. All such a trade would do would be massaging of massive egos.

Jermaine O'Neal to the Nuggets. That's right, to Denver. Cough up Marcus Camby and Nene and move whatever other guys from team to team to make it work, as long as you can do it without Carmelo Anthony being included.

Hey, I don't like, at all, giving up Camby or Nene but O'Neal is a better all-around talent than both of them.

Quick hits

Give CU coach Dan Hawkins credit. Publicly, he is positive and resilient over almost anything, including foodgate. He seems to believer or understand that obstacles or cheap shots come your way in this life and there is no use complaining about them. Just sac' up and move on.

Talking about the Buffs, they do a great thing for the fans, if they can build up the program first, by signing up for a home-and-home series with West Virginia. If CU can get pump up its' talent level, and get the program out of first gear, CU-WVU could turn into exciting viewing. CU also is going to play more arena football, agreeing to a series with Hawaii. Maybe that also helps the school in its' recruiting efforts on the islands. It did lose its' series with North Carolina in football, which the Buffs will be compensated for, because the Tar Heels also rejected a basketball series. What?!

Those Rockies, just when you think you've corrected their ways as children, they go back to their loser tendencies, primarily because they can't pitch a lick.

Eduardo Najera is leaning towards not opting out of his contract, thinking Denver is still the place for him. On a winning team, Najera is a great fit for all the intangibles he brings. That winning team might be the Nuggets but it also might be someplace else through trade next season.

Former Nuggets star Fat Lever is working a basketball camp in Boulder. Man, still miss that dude. Little man with the big, big heart, rebounding, passing and o.k., shooting too much. He was a winner.

Lever said in a Daily Camera story that Allen Iverson is not the Answer if Denver wants to win a championship. Disagree. Maybe he isn't the answer but it is not outside the realm of possibility for Iverson to win a title with the Nuggets. The WSN did not like the trade to bring A.I. here but the team's obstacles to winning it all don't all lie on his head.

Happy Birthday

Shannon Sharpe turns 39.

Can you believe Derek Jeter turns 33 today?

And the great Greg Lemond is 46.

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