Thursday, May 31, 2007

Humphries stoned, Porter tagged, trade talk

Former CU star guard and long-time NBA player Jay Humphries wanted it but missed from long range in his attempt to become a part of new Buffs coach Jeff Bzdelik's staff, according to Chris Dempsey story in the Denver Post.

Bzdelik apparently handled the request with class, talking with Humphries and offering a way for him to be aligned with the program, just not as a coach. While it might be romantic for the Buffs to have someone on staff that played and excelled in Boulder, it is, contrary to popular belief, not necessary. Bzdelik's job is to put together the most knowledgeable coaching group he can, one that also has chemistry and that he trusts implicitly. He believes he has done that. That all said you wish Humphries a break in the coaching world.

Former CSU and Pittsburgh Steelers standout linebacker Joey Porter got sacked for $ 1,000 as result of his unsanctioned boxing match with Bengals offensive lineman Levi Jones in Vegas. The problem, it seems, was that the tussle went down, inside the Palms hotel-casino and in the valet area, without it being promoted or tickets sold -- Porter was just hacked off and jacked up ready to throw down.

Such a good football player, such a blockhead. To want to go felon on someone for football field trash talk is such a schoolboy move. And to do it in public, well, thought he would have learned better than that from his classes at CSU. I mean, not right, not tight any way you look at it.

It's been written here that the Rockies need an established, veteran bat in the lineup. You've said, 'so what, give me a name, fool.' Well, here you go. Rumor has it that Minnesota will not be able to re-sign centerfielder Torii Hunter. Willy Taveras has played well, as well as a Willy Taveras can play but he's no Hunter (no power or run production). Take the money hit, swap those two players, throw in another big leaguer and a prospect and you could have a deal.

Nonsense, you say? Want more pitching instead? Hear that White Sox lefty Mark Buerhle could be on the curb. He is an innings eater and a winner. He was poor last season but that likely was an aberration. He could be a solid no. 2, no. 3 guy here. To get him you'd either have to deal stud pitching prospect Greg Reynolds. Why would you do that, you ask? For one, Buerhle is proven, Reynolds is not. Two, Buerhele gives you another lefthander to mess with opposing lineups.

Former CSU running back Cecil Sapp has lost weight and will move from Broncos fullback to tailback. Sapp was a rock in Fort Collins but he is not going to be a tailback in Denver. No burst, no wiggle, no 'special' about him. That said, he is the kind of player that is always in the mix for a roster spot because he'll do anything to make the team.

Another wanna-be boxer, current Denver receiver David Kircus, seems to think his passed lie detector test makes him innocent. Funny thing about the law Mr. Kircus, it ain't always about truth and self defense. That little thing of your roundhouse that connected on some guy's face is not going to play well in court. Do believe Kircus is sorry and is scared he could be out of the league soon, which is prompting his all-out public relations blitz but that moment in time where he let it all hang out is going to haunt him.

Seems the magic number for new Denver running back Travis Henry is 1,500 yards -- a level coach Mike Shanahan thinks possible if the former Tennessee Volunteer, Buffalo Bill and Tennessee Titan can stay healthy. Henry can definitely reach that total on talent but the offensive line, once money in the bank, is now a question mark. Nothing is a given anymore until the line proves it on the dirt.

Former CU basketball Dale Vanwright is on the move again, this team leaving Texas-El Paso. Seems that coach Tony Barbee is into this whole get-an-education be-an-example thing. Will be interesting to see if his approach allows him to keep his job after losing some apparent talent.

Prayers sent out to CSU basketball coaching legend Jim Williams who is reportedly gravely ill with pneumonia. The man coached 16 years, piled up 352 victories, four NCAA Tournament triumphs and built the foundation for Rams hoops.

The National Sweep

I prefer not to be one of those fools who says that regrettable word "never." After all, many grand accomplishments in history came after that word was repeatedly said. However, it is taking all I have not to utter it too when Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, no matter his intelligence and business success, wants to try to start a football league that would shark infest the waters for players drafted after the second round in the NFL, as well as late NFL cuts and free agents.

Sounds less intriguing every time a USFL and XFL fail miserably. Such a concept will be a difficult sell to intelligent men, no matter the trail blazers they might be. Cuban's idea that demand is not being met might be false too. People want what they can't have oftentimes and if they get it, they are not hot to get it. What people want more of is quality football, not a watered-down version as prior circus shows have been.

O.K., take my bet. A nickel it will never come to fruition.

Don't take my word on it, look here to see another voice declaring that Browns quarterback Brady Quinn is going to be an excellent NFL player. As some have agreed, he will likely best top overall pick, Jamarcus Russell of the Raiders. Quinn is big enough, strong enough, smart enough, played for Charlie Weis at Notre Dame and knows the nuances as a talent that Russell lacks. Russell is a physical marvel and could turn out to be special, no doubt, but his road is going to be longer and rougher. Allllllll my money is on Quinn as the better player and likely Pro Bowler.

Speak up, Go Warrior

From John Boden, who is in the courts with one important question.

"What is the difference between the CU scandal of 91' and the Duke (lacrosse) scandal this time. The Buff seniors, sure as hell, were not granted immediate fifth-year eligibility?"

WSN: The question is would such a ruling have gone down at a school like, say, Alabama A & M? You don't think Duke has lobbyists? I admit, I don't have all the facts but it appears to me that the accused in this case went from elitist low life's in the public eye to sympathetic figures as framed young men. Virginia coach Dave Sarsia thinks the NCAA went overboard considering Duke was largely responsible for this going down. That, I disagree with, but at the same time, I am, like you, shocked that the team got a reprieve. What this does is set a precedent for future 'scandals.'

Scoreboard Grumblings

Point blank, Utah had a great season, it really did. Next point -- they never had a shot against the Spurs. That series was decided before the Game 1 tip-off. The NBA Finals have also been decided already, you know that, right? San Antonio will handle Detroit, or Cleveland in five or six games. Book it.

Brad Hawpe is HOT, homering to show off again. Matt Holliday golfed one out too. The Rockies went down nonetheless, 8-4, to the Cardinals because Colorado starter Jason Hirsh had GPS on his pitches. Winning streak over.

Random Rambling

Have young children -- check their hands for insight into their potential.

Only men get blamed, couched or divorced because of this but hey, it happens on the other side too.

What kind of garbage is this? The government looking for yet another revenue source in which to put its' hands into your pocket and mine and with that treasure they can now waste more money. Why let us try to use that cash for ourselves and families. That would be too American.

How about better spending habits for Washington? Try that on for size some time.

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