Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hump day arrows

Woody Paige is saying it, Mark Kiszla is saying it and many fans feel the same way.

The Monforts should sell the Rockies.

They have no clue as owners and the fans deserve better leadership.

Only three obstacles here.

The Monforts don't want to sell, don't have to sell and aren't going to sell, at least anytime soon.

Too bad, so sad.

Face it, this franchise, while having a solid foundation of talent, is a ship without direction, just wandering the seas that are Major League Baseball, aimlessly.

Without smarter men on the baseball side of things and as ownership, without less excuses and more accountability, the song will remain the same.

See, the issue here is the Rockies truly believe patience is the final hurdle to being a playoff team.
They are wrong.

The pitching is still nowhere close to being strong enough, the hitting prospects aren't impact players yet and there is this erie feeling of disconnect between the team and manager Clint Hurdle.

In the end, a Pat Bowlen-type needs to come to town, a GM with a history of playoff success needs to be hired and a new culture must be implemented.

The Nuggets won't get invited, as of now, to the NBA draft party in June. However, if some crazy change were to happen and the team were to acquire a first-round pick, no matter how unbelievable that seems now, a name that could help Denver would be Texas A & M guard Acie Law, a gunslinger, an effort player, a leader who can infuse a little attitude and hunger on the court.

David Kircus, have you called a realtor yet? Sent out resumes to new teams?

Carmelo, A.I., Marcus Camby, Nene -- isn't it great being on vacation while other teams have to sweat in playoff basketball? So much less work being left at home, isn't it? The Spurs and Jazz send their best.

Where have all the homers gone?

What do you think about college sports having, like the pros, free agency? Why not let players, over a period of one month, maybe, check out new schools and move on to a better situation, as long as their academic progress was in good standing.

Sweeping the Nation

Have to say, this is one big story, if only 32 years too late -- George Foreman on drugs. Well, being drugged. Before...a...fight. Not just any bout but a championship tilt against Muhammad Ali. Hey, who am I to doubt him. It could have happened. I just don't expect Big George to get much interest or mileage from the media and especially the public out of this revelation.

Hey, I know everyone is loving all over Ohio State center Greg Oden, the expected top pick in the June NBA draft, but for all his skill and potential, something doesn't feel right. Kick me again (I like it) but I haven't seen the passion from Oden to be great. He has that Sam Perkins kind of cruise control to his game. I don't watch his games and see Patrick Ewing, Hakeem Olajuwon, Shaquille O'Neal intensity. Now, before you bring up Tim Duncan's name, let's remember that Duncan was college polished and if you look closely, Duncan actually is intense. Oden is a fantastic prospect and I'm on an island here but I would still take Texas forward Kevin Durant no. 1. You know, that is if Darko Milicic isn't available.

Speaking of Oden, the Portland Trailblazers might be able to turn around a flagging franchise by just getting Oden's character and potential. Somewhere, Bill Walton is smiling.

The Sonics are crying. Yes, Durant is there for the taking but with Rashard Lewis on the roster, Durant doesn't exactly fill a need. Is Lewis on the move?

The Hawks could have instantly morphed into somebody but end up with the third pick. North Carolina's Brandan Wright is thought to be the third-best talent in the draft but Atlanta is loaded at forward. It needs a point guard. Maybe a trade coming here.

It's not just the fans who know Barry Bonds is a phony. In maybe the harshest words spoken yet, former baseball commissioner Fay Vincent and Hank Aaron show their disgust towards the bay area bomber. Deep down inside, yeah, I'm smiling. And I, too, deny taking steroids. I also deny ever drinking, smoking or ingesting anything in my youth. No sex either.

Joe Paterno is going to have people screaming against this, saying it is further exploiting college athletes, that he can't do this, that he is old and has lost his mind. Yeah, like JoePa is going to care one bit what those yahoos are going to say. Good for him. The man cares about character and wants his team to learn

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