Monday, May 21, 2007

Tuesday Run

North Dakota State? Now, color me skeptical, stupid or whatever works for you but I'm guessin' that an athlete doesn't split from a Big 12 school like Colorado because he's all amped to go to some football hotbed and vacation spot like Fargo, N.D. Yeah, football is football anywhere and the NFL is possible to reach at small schools but if ex-Buff offensive lineman Paul Backowski ends up at North Dakota State then something tells me he wasn't going to make it in Boulder on the field, making the reasons for his departure very clear.

The real reason Broncos coach Mike Shanahan traded superstar running back Clinton Portis? Not for his flash or his outrageous money demands. No, Shanahan shipped him to Washington because Portis, despite his other-world talent, is an idiot. Exhibit A presented to the court, your honor. Those from the University of Miami who don't graduate should shaaaaaaaadup! I can only assume Portis didn't graduate. To be honest, from these comments, I'm not even sure he ever went to class.

Read this and see how Garrett Atkins' name, as well as Todd Helton's, continue to be mentioned in trade talks. Interesting how Atkins can still be desired considering his awful play in 2007. If he's being sold right now, it's in the bargain bin. Helton is also discounted merchandise. You don't sell low and buy high. Wait on Atkins, move Helton if the value is there because his power, friends, ain't coming back. It's retired.

Now, if you want to talk about shipping Atkins to Tampa Bay for outfielders Carl Crawford or Delmon Young, hey, I'm on board. You can even throw in Brad Hawpe and/or a prospect.

Former Rockies outfielder Jeff Salazar is in Triple-A Tucson trying to make it back to the majors with the Arizona Diamondbacks and doing well (.310, 5 home runs, 24 RBI). Salazar was, at one time, thought to be the future in center field in Denver, a blend of power and speed but his star fizzled. Earning playing time for the Diamondbacks, a team rich in young talent, is not going to be easy but with strong minor-league numbers Salazar could catch the eye of another organization.

In the 2002 draft, Colorado took pitcher Jeff Francis with its' top pick. The next choice for the team was a high school pitcher/hitter named Micah Owings, who chose to go to college. Now Owings is starting for the Diamondbacks (2-1, 4.96 ERA). That the Rockies picked two arms, back-to-back, that made the majors as starters is a rarity and impressive, even if they couldn't sign one of them.

The National Sweep

Philly trading Donovan McNabb to Chicago for Lance Briggs? Yeah, right. No matter how good some believe Briggs to be you don't trade a high-quality quarterback for a linebacker. This deal will not even be discussed unless the Bears throw in a lot more chips, and we're not talking Rex Grossman. McNabb, a local boy, would be a major coup for the Bears, one of the best deals the franchise ever made if they could hold up the Eagles but I think Philly is a little too smart to do something so dumb. Briggs makes the Eagles defense better but McNabb could win Chicago a Super Bowl.

Pistons forward Tayshaun Prince is one of the few guys who can stink (1-for-11 from the floor) and smell like a rose (6 rebounds, 9 assists, a win) in the same game.

By the way, Prince was not lottery baby. Went no. 23 overall in the 2002 draft.

I thought Kentucky basketball, where Prince played, was all that. You know, the mecca of the sport. So, if so, why then is it bailing on a game at UMass? Absolutely ridiculous. I don't care if you have North Carolina, Louisville, Indiana, the Spurs and Pistons already on your schedule, if you made the commitment and you think of yourself as basketball royalty you show up and play the game. Pulling out does nothing but leave egg on the face of the Wildcats program.

Future Hall of Famer Randy Johnson appeared to be experiencing serious slippage as a Yankee but don't look now but he's digging deep for a little more excellence. He's embarrassing hitters again and with his drive he just might scrap out the 18 more wins he needs for 300 in his career. Do you think young pitchers see the hard work and dedication of old coots like Johnson, Roger Clemens, Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine and John Smoltz? Those arms didn't get where they were without wanting and working for it. They all have more than money, they own history.

Crazy Sam Smith of the Chicago Tribune thinks Phoenix could possibly dump Amare Stoudemire over money and team chemistry issues and that Kevin Garnett could be traded for the rights to Greg Oden. Muzzle him. Dude is just out spouting madness.

Rick Adelman is the Houston Rockets new coach. How inspiring. Yes, he won big in Portland and Sacramento but how many championships does he own? Wonder why young guys, why minorities feel they get a raw deal? Pitiful choice and I'm laying money that Rockets fans are far from thrilled. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Remember the name Rick Ankiel? The one-time pitching phenom for the St. Louis Cardinals, long gone from the major leagues could return as a hitter, which would be one good story. The guy's been through some rocky times in his life, personally and professionally.

Scoreboard Grumblings

Brad Hawpe
is starting to produce, Kaz Matsui returned and drove in three runs but the heart of the order went 0-for-10 and the pitching just wasn't quality as the Rockies lost 6-5 at Arizona.

Matsui is going to make a difference in the lineup but Todd Helton and Matt Holliday have to get back on track, Garrett Atkins has to solve the riddle of a season-long slump and the pitching has to become more consistent. Right now, unless you are in a bad relationship with your wife or girlfriend there is no reason to blow a few hours with the Rockies.

The Pistons roughed up the Cavaliers and LeBron James in an ugly 79-76 win. Unless James' teammates step up, unless James shows the leadership expecting them too, Cleveland is going to go home fast. Detroit will win the series, it's just how easy the Cavs are going to make it for the them that is unknown.

Just wonderin'

Does Chauncey Billups wish he was doing all this winning in the postseason in Denver as much as locals wish he was doing it here?

If elite big man Tim Duncan went head-to-head with ex-Celtics center Robert Parrish during his prime, who would show less emotion?

What would their trash talk sound like?

Do the Nuggets realize they desperately need quality help for their backcourt?

Is Jay Cutler really ready to be a star-quality quarterback in 2007 for the Broncos?

Is pass rusher Elvis Dumervil capable of building on his sometimes flashy rookie season?

Will Dre' Bly prove to be a good buy for Denver?

Does Jeff Francis know he has the skill to win 16-18 games a season?

Does Colorado management still think Willy Taveras is the answer in center field?

Random Ramblings

Hey, just make sure you drive by and wake me up so I get to work on time tomorrow, o.k.? Tell me, how does this happen? Is it even possible to sleep that hard? would get some good publicity if this action was their initial stance -- but it wasn't. Seems someone decided to backtrack. Now MySpace looks like a spineless bunch who put sex offenders over public safety and only gave up its' fight due to public opinion and a possible threat of legal consequences. Chumps.

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