Friday, May 4, 2007

Friday Jam

Let's start out in the backyard today...

The Nuggets' future prospects just don't look good and that's not just the WSN writing it. The budgetary and on-court limitations are obvious. It should be remembered though just how short a time ago how disgraceful Denver's franchise was and for how long that was the reality. This is an organization that is now a consistent playoff team. Winning once it gets there remains the daunting challenge. Next season, this group, if no changes are made is capable of winning a first and yes, second-round series, but that is at best.

If Kenyon Martin can indeed be productive again and everyone else remains healthy, then a key to improvement might be trading someone's ridiculous contract for some financial flexibility and and a chance to find someone who can cover up defensive and perimeter shot-making deficiencies. And here's a new philosophy, however revolutionary it might be, for the Nuggets -- quit trading bushels of first-round draft picks!

The Broncos are saying all the right things but mingling with players with previous character, um, issues, has not played out well before. They can try to make everyone feel good now but the odds are a Marcus Thomas is going to fail again, no matter how "great" a guy they they think he is. Jarvis Moss, despite his past transgressions, may not be the risk that Thomas is but he brings the injury questions to the table.

All in all, a risky and high-cost draft.

We all know the problems but where are the solutions for the Rockies. Right now this team has it on cruise control.

It needs more than to just let the players working themselves out of their poor play. Some sort of early-season move, either in the dugout, even though Clint Hurdle just got extended or on the field might be the answer. Trading for a strong veteran presence, even if a bench player, could help. Ignoring the issues, which are evident in the standings, is not the solution.

Great fit for former CU center Mark Fenton. It likely won't work out this season but maybe he gets stashed in the weeds some how and gets another shot next year. If he's healthy, he's an NFL player, even if as a reserve.

National Notes

The Warriors beat the Mavericks in the NBA playoffs, knocking out the 67-game winners, sending them home? Hey, there are times when teams just match up well with other teams, no matter the discrepancy between their records. Golden State simply knew how to bust Dallas and because of that, they had extreme confidence. And when the results kept proving themselves on the court, it only made the Warriors play harder. Stephen Jackson and Baron Davis were unguardable and coach Don Nelson had to feel real good about beating Mavs' owner Mark Cuban.

By the way, San Antonio and Phoenix are real happy today.

Rip Dallas forward Dirk Nowitzki if you must but he doesn't all of a sudden stink because his team got ambushed by a lesser foe. Basketball is either a team sport or it isn't and if it is, then one player doesn't decide a series. Bam!

It's common knowledge that those crazy Tennessee Volunteers' football players have a personal relationship with police. Here's proof that doesn't end once Phillip Fulmer's boys use up their eligibility. Like the Bible says, winning covers a multitude of sins. It does say that, right? At least in Knoxville?

Do you believe this -- administration bowing to the student's desires and doing the right thing? Very smart move, indeed, not only for student relations but for the good of the Saturday atmosphere.

It's a start
, a good one. Anything that discourages the long-range jacking up of shots and encourages truer basketball, as in passing, screener, cutting, posting is what the game needs. It is also good role modeling for lesser levels.

The breakdown -- prep recruiting analysis to NFL draft. Like we know, the star system does matter, does have validity but it isn't the end-all.

How's this for a season-end celebration -- the coach and the star player aren't there. What a lot of fun that had to be for both the team and the fans in attendance.

Crazy Canadians. Interesting visual.

Last words

Another assault on the Nuggets, primarily the man court side.