Monday, May 21, 2007

Monday Heat

So do you think the Nuggets can win this series and play in the NBA Finals?

Wait, isn't that what Allen Iverson was supposed to do for this team?

O.K., maybe the plans didn't quite work out as expected, that first-round flame-out and all but maybe A.I., Melo, K-Mart, Nene and the Misfits (that is the name of the band, isn't it?) will reward owner Stan Kroenke and the fans next season with what the front office is selling out the back of its' car.

I agree with Woody Paige that former Broncos hit man, Al Wilson, if he can't play again should be brought back to town to coach, if he's interested, but Woody is a hayseed Tenneseean if he believes Wilson was a better linebacker than Randy Gradishar, Karl Mecklenburg, Tom Jackson or the insane-but-highly productive medicine man, Bill Romanowski. Wilson was solid, a strong leader, and likable but not the playmakers the others were in their day.

I confess -- thought Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall was the typical talented, rocks-for-brains young athlete who was dropping clues he would be too immature to realize his gifts and give Denver what it desperately needs, a young, stud pass catcher. I think I may be wrong. A shout out to Lee Rasizer for educating me in this story today -- the boy is driven, talks to and works with Cris Carter and admits his past foolishness. Marshall might make it after all. I think the guy really wants to be good. Still think he should look at a guy like Shannon Sharpe and join Tony Scheffler as a tight end but hey, what do I know?

One recent NBA mock draft had CSU's Jason Smith ending up in San Antonio as a first-round pick. Like the Spurs really need another skilled 7-footer. That goes down and Smith works hard, he could get plenty of TV time for a Spurs dynasty.

If Denver wide receiver David Kircus is guilty, he just lost his roster spot and deserves the orange jumpsuit. Who knows what happened, maybe the other guy deserved getting blown up but you can't give in to the temptation and go Felony Frank on someone. No excuse is going to play in court or in Mike Shanahan's office.

The National Sweep

Who wants to hit the beach and go surfing? You go first.

Few have a bigger mouth; one that roars as loud as columnist Jason Whitlock. Except me, maybe. But the difference between Whitlock and me is that he actually is on the money often. He scores again with a better approach for better behavior from NFL players. Put the work in up front. Focus there and not so much on the back end. Until that model is adopted you can just expect stupid story after stupid story of athletes acting like jackasses.

I don't know if I have enough energy to go hatin' on Sammy Sosa but man, I do think he's one dirty bird too, in the white collar-drug pack that includes Bonds, McGwire, Palmeiro, Canseco and who knows who else. So, it will be hard for me to get too juiced over Sosa reaching 600 career moon shots. I won't puke as Gregg Doyel will; I'll likely yawn. Hope Sosa knows his fat numbers will not get him into the Hall of Fame. Maybe what we need to do is create a wing for the cheats. You even get in free.

I love this -- a writer who blames the media and fans for the drug-using athletes in baseball, like we condoned or encouraged it. What a joke. We were just along for the ride. We weren't even driving. We would have got out of the damn car but it refused to stop. We thought the circus music playing meant it was a legitimate show. And to then add insult to injury, the writer gives Jason Giambi credit for apologizing. That was an apology? Really? And then for this writer to think that other players will fall on the sword and cop to using? I'm trying to control my laughter. Absurd.

All this makes me wonder how the clean players even handle being around and watching the cheatin' dogs. How do they stomach it, how do they not confront these losers? Were there people around McGwire, Sosa, Giambi and Bonds who didn't genuflect during the glory days, who knew that something wasn't right, who shot them a look of disgust, a "hey, I know what you're doing, you chump" look? Seeing crazy money contracts being made by being the type of person our parents railed against.

Now, this is a fine example of how to conduct yourself -- there aren't many better than Henry Aaron. He did it through all sorts of emotional turmoil and assault off the field and likely on it but he excelled anyway. Since retirement, he's built a business empire, as a black man in a country where that is no advantage. This gentleman is a role model. Only, I'm guessing not too many are looking up to him as they could and should. Wouldn't be cool, you know? Bonds and Sosa can hit a thousand home runs and not be able to hold Aaron's jock as a player or as a human being.

Forgive me, but what a crazy f***ing world, full of people that should be thrown away, permanently, for the garbage they are. Please don't bring me any argument to the contrary on that statement because it won't wash. Like it was written yesterday, being rich and famous doesn't insulate you entirely from hell on earth.

Scoreboard Grumblings

If losing two out of three games to Kansas City doesn't tell a team how much it sucks then nothing will. The Royals doubled up the Rockies, 10-5, Sunday. Sorry, just not much good to say about that effort. Not going to lie and try to even pick something out. That can be best done by the spin doctors in the franchise's front office. Call them and ask for a pill. I'm sure they have something that will convince you it will all be better tomorrow.

Not saying Utah won't win a game or two in the NBA Western Conference Finals but they have no shot at beating the Spurs in the series. The Jazz are to the NBA what the old Cleveland Browns used to be to the NFL. Nice story, no contender.

For Cleveland to beat Detroit out east the Pistons would have to have a complete defensive breakdown and LeBron James would have to prove himself to be, not Kobe Bryant, but Michael Jordan. Important distinction. Bryant scores at will. Jordan won by imposing his will on the game and raising the level of those around him because he demanded it. As amazing as James is, that is not something he has shown he can do yet.

Call to arms

So, anyone out there with passion? Big cajones?

Please, no wallflowers.

If you're bold, here's the deal -- you're the new owner of the Colorado Rockies. The public is highly dissatisfied and you know revenue ain't what is used to be. So, what changes are you going to implement, short-term and long-term to make baseball matter again in Colorado? What will you do to ensure the Rockies become relevant?

This is your boardroom, your press conference, to turn this carnival into a success.

Personally, sick and tired of ownership and management sitting up there in their big offices, big houses, pretending nothing is wrong and still marketing this junk as quality.

They're pushing a cheap product as if it were Boston baseball.

Just wonderin'

Think the Rockies have missed Kaz Matsui? Here's hoping the guy can stay healthy. He does a lot of good things on the field when he's right.

Has Ponderosa's defensive standout Jon Major committed to play for Colorado yet?

Are CSU's Tim Miles and CU's Jeff Bzdelik pacing the floor in their homes, impatient for basketball season to start so they can prove they have the answer for the woes of their respective programs?

Are the Rams Sonny Lubick, the Buffs Dan Hawkins and the Falcons Troy Calhoun feeling optimistic about 2007 or trying to find ways to keep their ships from taking on water?

Are the Nuggets really going to stand pat, do nothing and expect everyone to be healthy and agreeable next fall, resulting in a 50-55 win season?

Will Denver listen and go hard after ticked-off Bears defensive end Alex Brown like I have told them to twice or will we be bemoaning the lack of a pass rush next fall from an undersized, worn out group of Jarvis Moss, Tim Crowder, Elvis Dumervil and others?

Are the Broncos looking for a potential third receiver should Rod Smith really turn out to be old, as stated here, or will they be making excuses when quarterback Jay Cutler doesn't have enough pass catchers who can get open and catch the pig?

Is anyone really expecting Travis Henry to be a Pro Bowler?

Is Mike Bell a quality backup?

Terrell Davis, where have you gone?

Final Salvo

Lost my father to cancer just over two years ago. He was gone so quick.

Last night, someone I work with in my industry, John McGee, passed after a short but very big and painful battle with brain cancer. He appeared perfectly fine a couple of months ago and now he leaves a wife, children at home and off on their own as well as grandchildren. God rest his soul and may many come to support his wife and young family.

John, life calls the shots, and we have no choice but to roll with, oftentimes, punches below the belt. You hung in there and took those shots and came back for more. In the end, cancer is a brutal, uncaring opponent that can steal your body but not your heart.

I salute you and am grateful that you are suffering no more.

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