Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Local forecast, playoff dream, Walker's juice

Guess it's time to shake off the rust of the long holiday weekend and crank it up again.

Gotta pay the bills that go along with living.

Movin' slow, maybe, but willing to take kill shots, as always, from dissenting opinions on the news.

So who's turn is it now? Seems CSU's Tim Miles and CU's Jeff Bzdelik's programs have been going back in forth in the news with players leaving and new blood being brought in. I think these two are embracing the challenge of becoming somebody, what do you think? This is going to be, it says here, an exciting ride.

Is it wrong for me to be talking college basketball with football just a few months away?

Sonny Lubick and Dan Hawkins are winners but they both know that come the season opener, the oven will be opened, the heat will roar out and they will be expected to show they can make it all happen on the scoreboard again. The media and fans will settle for nothing less.

Former CU top dog, Gordon Gee, a good educational man by all accounts, doesn't have the juice. Florida President Bernie Machen does when it comes to talking about a college football playoff. And his logic is so money he doesn't even know it. Read down to the bottom of the page and catch it there. That said, it is too logical to ever come to pass. Why? Presidents are more scared of what they could lose than excited about what they could gain.

What I hear is that Missouri might be the favorite to win the Big 12 North division this fall. While I love quarterback Chase Daniel and the athletes the Tigers are collecting, I think Nebraska, even with potential head case transfer Sam Keller the pick to replace the productive Zac Taylor under center, might be more than angry about that call. The Huskers have to be the preseason choice. Those schools that differ with that forecast can show up and prove it wrong. For now, the Huskers talent is superior and they are the team to beat.

O.K., confessional time again. Must be a flashback from my youth as a Catholic. Honestly, I had no idea who Gabrielle Union was in this world. Wasn't really motivated to find out either until I heard that Broncos receiver Javon Walker was spotted having dinner with her. Being the voyeur that I am, decided I better check out what being a famous athlete with big bank buys you these days on the 'honey market.'

I tried to play football well -- didn't have the genetics. Just wasn't meant to be, me being Tom Brady or Javon Walker. Of course, I kind of like not being tracked by Tommy Lee Jones and the paparazzi with every girl I'm able to blackmail into going out with me.

So, we'll call it good.

Man, how old am I? Just found out that Larry Drew Jr., a California prep shooting star and son of the former standout Missouri guard, has committed to play for North Carolina in 2008.

Sweeping the Nation

Roger Clemens
doesn't care. He comes back for season after season, does his time down in the minors to big crowds, doesn't act like a prima donna, prepares as if it is a big league park and succeeds. Then it's back to The Show for more dominance. It is the twilight of a golden age of pitching. It will be a long time before it's this good again.

You know if Don Shula is calling out Nick Saban as a fraud, liar and loser then there has to be some serious fire with all this smoke. You just don't dump on Shula's Dolphins likeSaban did then politic behind the scenes, allegedly, for a job held at the time by Shula's son, Mike, without getting whacked publicly.Saban can recruit and coach at the highest level in college but something tells me the weasel is not going to satisfy the Alabama faithful as much as he thinks he can. The WSN word? He will have some definite success but will leave town after failing to win a national title, which is all the Crimson Tide fans care about outside of beating some country boys from Auburn.

Kansas had to feel euphoric that Brandon Rush withdrew from the NBA draft to return to Lawrence. His presence surely had to mean good things for the Jayhawks. Until we found out he ripped his knee up. Oh. Well, Rush saved himself from going undrafted but now the road back will be full of doubt as scouts will wonder and nit-pick his health. His impact on KU's 2007-08 season will likely be altered too.

Just when I think I could care less (sorry) about golf unless Tiger Woods is blazing towards yet another step in history I see inspiration something off the tee boxes, out of the rough, and away from the greens.

The power of the human spirit, real life, what matters more than sport and victory, what this life is all about -- laying it on the line -- conviction.

Scoreboard Grumblings

Carlos Boozer and Deron Williams are one of the best one-two punches in the NBA. If only they played in New York, they would be 'all-that' in the eyes of the nation. But they still aren't enough to lead Utah past the been there-done that San Antonio Spurs, who now lead the Western Conference Finals, 3-1, after a 91-79 victory Sunday.

The Spurs are methodical in the way they take apart an opponent and the Jazz is the latest mark.

San Antonio has whatever pieces it needs in whatever series it plays. The Suns found this out, now Utah and next, Detroit.

The Rockies fell into fortune. They're winning big now and even if it is at the expense of teams almost as poor as them, victories are victories. Jeff Francis, a WSN favorite, continued his recent dominance by shutting down the Cardinals over 7 2/3 innings in a 6-2 win.

Francis is now 3-0 in his last five starts with a sparkling 1.70 ERA.

No, he's not that good but he certainly is capable of being a strong no. 2 pitcher in this league one day. Put it this way -- put Francis in Boston or Detroit and he could win 20 games. In Colorado, he might reach 14.

Matt Holliday and Brad Hawpe did what they are paid to do -- drive in runs. Each homered.

Glory be!

Wanna know something? This Rockies team is not devoid of talent. That you get. But there is a problem, unidentified, that is keeping it from being a better-than-.500 team.

It says here that a bold, accomplished veteran thrown into the lineup could spark a serious offensive breakout. That would help get this machine hummin' more than a elite starter like Johan Santana. Who that is, what position he plays and who would go is not my job, man.

That's for the high-priced suits.

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