Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday Jam

How can you not appreciate the Rod Smith story if you follow the Broncos? Nobody to best wide receiver in team history. He is also one of the hardest working guys around and all about winning. But, improved health or not, Smith is cooked, as in his days of impact on the field are gone. The man is not a no. 1, 2 or 3 receiver at this stage and I simply don't see him accepting that reality. Would be shocked if he breaks camp on the team. Look for retirement unless injuries hit or others on the roster fail to show up.

CU is on the way up. Jeff Bzdelik is potentially the best basketball hire in school history and now, finally, a respectable line of assistants. From last season to now -- night and day -- and the results will be evident on the court in 2007, regardless of how you see the talent level. Steve McClain is a better coach backing up Bzdelik than anyone on last year's staff.

The Rams continue to re-do their roster and bring in some guards. One thing is for sure, anyone joining new coach Tim Miles is going to have a legitimate shot at floor time in 2007. Look for better energy on the court and a more exciting product. Yeah, losing Jason Smith is a crusher but it's not like CSU was a national power with him. Miles will show coaching matters and if he can create a break in recruiting he can get this program back into postseason play.

Sonny Lubick must think size matters as he finally scores a defensive lineman who is not a add water-and-grow kind of guy in Jake Landers. From the story, sounds like Landers might be a name to remember. Good get for the Rams.

Mark Schlereth as an actor? Why not. Hey, if the man gets chased to do it and he's got skills, go for it. How much fun would that be, regardless of the grief he's going to take from friends. Still waiting for my invitation to end up on TV. It would be a sight, I promise you that.

Say what you will about Gerard Warren's up-and-down play but the man has character. He's not a blockhead that feels no remorse about stealing as some players these days are.

WSN Rockies farm HotShots

  1. Brandon Hynick - A - Greg Maddux of the farm system; smarts, control, command
  2. Greg Reynolds - AA - future Rockies no. 3 starter leaving minor league hitters puzzled
  3. Keith Weiser - A - far from dominant stuff but knows how to pitch
Hynick grabbed the club's attention last season and now the word has to be he is no fluke. Only health can derail him from reaching Denver in the next few years. Has the ability to be a top-of-the-rotation starter. Reynolds is making the front office look good after he was the second overall pick in last June's draft. He will push one of the back-end starters off the roster in the next season or two. Weiser is still developing but shows promise because he is smart and showing big-league skills.

The National Sweep

Who knew bicycling was so uncivilized? Oh course, any sport with doping coursing through its' ranks is capable of anything. And once people get fingered all bets are off as the claws come out, every man for himself. Floyd Landis, let's just speculate he's the guy on the sinking ship knocking women and children aside to save his own bacon.

So the rich have wrestling matches with the IRS too? Golden State Warriors suit Chris Cohan has some green with a lot of zeroes to dig up out of the backyard or pull out of the mattress to satiate the government. It looks like no more eating out, no more beer for a little while. Might even have to ask family for a loan.

One question -- who is Kyle Farnsworth? Has he worked his tail off for years to become one of the greatest players of all-time? Or is he just jealous of a man who has earned his due? Remember, as it's been written here before -- the Yankees chased Roger Clemens, not the other way around. If they didn't like Clemens' act, they could have passed on signing him. So, Farnsworth, go back to being an non-descript reliever.

The Pistons win because they have chemistry, play together and win they want, can "D" you up. Poor Cleveland. Not going to be pretty. The Cavs are getting there but Detroit will mow them down.

The Suns could rally to beat the Spurs but I just don't see it happening to Greg Popovich's veteran team.

Clueless Jason Giambi giving himself a pass on the issue of steroids. Jason, just shut up and play. It's what you do best. Politicking is not your game. Point blank, you knew what you were doing was wrong. No one forced you to ingest that stuff and you did it anyway. Yes, doing drugs doesn't help you hit a baseball but it does help you in other physical ways so don't try to pull the wool over our eyes. We're smarter than you so don't insult us, o.k.?

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