Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Tuesday Truth

Looking in the backyard and, um, it appears there is a commotion going on.

No intruders, no grill fire but I think I see lawyers and that's normally not a good thing.

At the great risk of getting punched out, I venture out to investigate.

Think we've been here before. Smells like scandal related.

The WSN wonders if any of the women involved in past cases at CU truly received what they deserved, which at the very least, should have been the belief that something terrible could have happened, that what they were saying might really have gone down.

Yes, I know all about the Duke case, know all about lying people (trust me), know all about the burden of proof but would people work so hard to pursue this if there wasn't at least some fire with that smoke? Would we see such determination? Winners don't quit, losers do.

Hey, maybe it's just me, maybe I'm a bleeding heart, maybe I have no idea what I'm talking about but I do feel one thing strongly -- something wrong occurred, something Lisa Simpson and other women are driven by to prove, one day, no matter the stone walls they've run into, no matter the heckling hey have received to this point.

More Backyard

Former CSU offensive lineman Clint Oldenburg may have landed in New England with the Patriots because his brother planted a seed in the organization's brain. Far-fetched? O.K., a little, I suppose. It could be just that everything aligned right for Oldenburg to end up in Foxboro but regardless, this will be the story announcers will be telling as long as Oldenburg is being discussed. Even if he didn't end up on the team because of the email, it's a legend that works for me.

George Washington High School and CU's Chauncy Billups had 14 points and 10 assists as Detroit lowered the boom on upstart Chicago...again, 108-87 Monday. The Pistons now lead that best-of-seven NBA playoff series, 2-o. Allen Iverson is fantastic. Billups remaining in Denver would have been better as he is more of what this team needs because of his long-range shooting, more controlled play and ability to get his within the framework of the offense.

Maybe it couldn't work, financially, and I'm not smart enough or interested in trying to figure it out but if Detroit doesn't win the NBA championship, Mr. WSN GM would work the phones and try to make a Iverson-for-Billups trade for the Nuggets.

Rockets center Dikembe Mutombo is upset at how Houston flamed out in its' series loss to Utah and isn't sure now about returning for one more season. How 'bout this Deke -- you give your farewell tour to the Association -- in a Denver jersey? The Nuggets need a force behind Marcus Camby, it provides the team with another shotblocker and rebounder, a little class and makes for a great story. No need to thank me. Just tell the Nuggets you heard it here first.

Former CU center Mark Fenton signs a free-agent deal with Denver and Fenton, if he can get right physically, could make some noise. His best bet would be to get stashed by the team for a season until he is healthy and can learn the system. As an undraftable, he is a long shot to make the team but he does have ability.

Dave Krieger writing about a favorite topic of mine -- horrible trades. A worthy read. The Drury deal has been written about at WSN, Billups has been discussed as have the numerous Rockies and Broncos blunders. Would be nice not to have anything to talk about.

If you read this space on Sunday's you know all about Rockies pitching prospect Brandon Hynick. Seems Baseball America has noticed his production, too, and they like. Look for no. 8 on their list of hot young talents.

The National Sweep

So Boomer Wells is toasting Roger Clemens for not traveling with the team. Greg Maddux chimes in. Hmm. Hey, I agree but you know something? Clemens doesn't have to play ball anymore. He ain't chasin' the game, the game is chasin' him, right? So if they want his services, he can draw up the conditions of the deal. Simple. And know something else? I'm guessing most of his teammates, especially the ones that matter most, like Derek Jeter, will put up with Clemens' absence on the road for the opportunity to win a lot more games when he pitches.

You think the Iverson-for-Billups trade above was lunacy? Well, it's no worse than a headline I saw where Dallas might think, at least for a moment, of sending Dirk Nowitzki to Minnesota for Kevin Garnett. Love KG's game but if the world thinks Nowitzki is soft come playoff time, what will it think of high-volume finesse-playing Garnett in a Mavs' uni.

For CU fans...don't be too hard on this Husker. Don't doormen know you don't pull on Superman's cape? Standing up to a Nebraska football player is not smart obviously. But I'm sure we'll eventually find out from coach Bill Callahan that the facts are different than what is being reported. After all, there is also the precedent of Larry Phillips going caveman on a woman while in Lincoln so punching a woman is accepted practice, just doing business. Don't expect any serious suspension coming out of this act.

How about this trip...the blond girl with the big boobs and then Kid Rock and his posse of, am I reading this right? Can't be. That's one group of people you just don't imagine getting together, sort of like me, Randy Moss, Ben Affleck, 50 Cent and Snoop Dog.

Mitch Albom gets it. Many athletes don't. And that's sad. That's why the beat goes on.

Looking at Steve Nash's nose makes me hurt. The man is, well, a warrior.

Not much into hockey. Ah, think I just came out of the closet on that one, didn't I? But caught Barry Melrose on ESPN and that cat is something. 40-50 years old, still the long hockey hair, the beard, the light-shaded purple pinstripe suit. Brother, is the man married? If so, I can't see her letting him out of the house that way. I mean, my ex, used to throw my favorite clothes in the trash, "hey Roxann, what's my shirt doing in the here" and make me get approval before I could walk outside, "you're not going to wear that, are you?"

Scoreboard Grumblings

Jeff Francis finally looked like a major league pitcher again, a fine one, as she shackled St. Louis Monday, holding the Cardinals to two runs in seven innings in a 3-2 Rockies win. Now, that's what he's capable of, not the drinking slow-pitch softballer he's been up to now.

Other encouraging new is that Todd Helton (homered) continues to look healthy and ready for a big season. The power will come. Maybe not 40-homers, maybe not 30, but a .330 average, 20-plus homers and 100 RBI is possible. Shortstop Troy Tulowitzki keeps raising his average and is a player to watch. Garrett Atkins and Brad Hawpe, and especially Atkins, remain mysteries. What's wrong with those two? They have too much talent to stink this bad.

Random Ramblings

I only share this because its' a health concern that we all should know about, especially certain types of readers who are like....me. Guilty. I hope you're not.

Just saw the David Hasselhoff video and man, that's just cold. Yes, the dude's a mess but to have such a personal tape played, when you are at your weakest, all across the country, being humiliated, just isn't right. And if his ex-wife leaked the tape (Kim Basinger set the stage), then she's disgraceful. Take him to court if you feel your children are endangered. Call the police but to rub your high heels into his crotch, well, should make you look like a witch but the media gives her a pass.

Final Salvo

Up late, as always, and caught Comics Unleashed and I'm dyin' if I'm lyin' when I tell you some great, clean comedy is out there from one Kenny Johnson. Also on that show was Bobby Miyamoto, a dry delivery but definitely a player and Erik Passoja, a freak that you'd stay away from work but high-intensity funny.

Miyamoto and Passoja showed strong but Johnson was the star of this episode. Look for his work, especially if you might be in the 20-40 year-old demographic.