Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Karl fuming; Williams needs love

A look in the backyard to start things off this morning....

To what degree is Nuggets' coach George Karl aggravated? He just went Vesuvius on J.R. Smith, a player noted as much for playing without a conscience as he is his remarkable athleticism and skills. Smith doesn't seem like a bad guy but when you show up for work every day going your own way and not listening to the boss, well, you're going to have days like this. So what do you think -- is the front office working on relocation plans for Smith now or what? Gotta think this is a relationship who's divorce is coming soon.

Call me a little surprised at the mention of a CU lineman being named to the Rimington Trophy Watch List. Not that junior guard/center Daniel Sanders is a stiff but the Buffs' offense hardly wowed anyone last season, did it, when it thought scoring was like golf -- low score wins.

This would have been a smart, power move for either of the new basketball coaches at CU or CSU. Why? Because he is defensive minded and can do a little something called recruiting, very well.

About time. Maybe he struggled as a practice player or just didn't have a place to play in the eyes of the coaches but it says here D.J. Williams is too good of an athlete, to much of a potential playmaker not to be playing a lot, which he didn't last season, at linebacker for the Broncos. You take a guy in the first round, you find a way to maximize his skills. That's on the team. If he doesn't make it all come about now with a new defensive coordinator (Jim Bates) and Al Wilson gone, something is really wrong and it's time for an investigation.

I'm sure KOA radio loves one of its' employees (Stefan Tubbs) basically expressing his price for doing the right thing and coughing up a baseball to Rockies' shortstop Troy Tulowitzki. Yeah, the team will do it but not a cool thing for anyone with the station to be doing. Actually, it's wrong and Tubbs should know better.

The revolving door that is Denver running back U. continued with the release of Cedric Cobbs, who shined last postseason only to disappear come the regular season, and the signing of free agent Selvin Young out of some big school in Texas. Young was a star prep, had his moments in college with the Longhorns but is too soft, you heard it here first, to make the Broncos' final roster.

Sign of a team grasping for answers, trying everything. Like this move is going to work out either. It says here Colorado should have ridden it out longer with Barmes, who clearly has more talent than Quintanilla.

National Notes

Sorry, no Buffs, Rams or Falcons but an ex-Colorado prep could be one season away from becoming a millionaire. Look for a huge year in 2007 from him and new Miami coach Randy Shannon.

I guess this kind of rowdiness is frowned upon. Just wonder if these half-wits knew the rules beforehand. Maybe in NASCAR, they should print the code of conduct on the tickets. Can you imagine these monkeys driving home afterwards? And these people wonder why stereotypes exist.

This is sticky and about ready to get worse. Pilot error or airplane defect? At stake? What's always at stake -- $$$, lots of it. Raw emotions, money, not going to be pretty.

Post Office

Richard talks hair and weed.

"I like your assessment of the Broncos' draft. But it should be pointed out that Mel Kiper - yes, the hair apparent - gave the Broncos the highest grade (B) in the AFC West for their draft. The other teams all got C's. And while we are discussing the topic of marajuana use among Denver draft picks, Neill Woelk had the best line today: "In Boulder, that qualifies you for the City Council."

WSN: Richard, maybe Kiper has it right, based on potential, as Jarvis Moss, Ryan Harris and Marcus Thomas all have ability to be solid contributors and Tim Crowder should provide depth but with injury concerns, drug issues and size problems, there is a lot that can go wrong, too. Just hope "the hair apparent" knows those facts.

As for Woelk's comment, well, typically good stuff from him. And truth is if we punished everyone who loved the sticky, pungent herb, we would likely be surprised at how many leaders and successful people we would be lacking in our world. Not condoning it, just sharing what I read, see in the news and amongst people I've known.

Random Ramblings

Sorry, anyone convicted of hurting children, well, you gotta go to far worse places than the big house. And are all attorneys whores or does it just seem that way? For money, they'll say and do anything?

What to say, what to say -- how 'bout she's no gold digger? Wow, is it unacceptable to say this woman had, um, cajones? Girl was fearless. Such a proposal would have caused me to soil myself.

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