Monday, April 30, 2007

Hear her singing

Nuggets stew

Don't be surprised, don't be hurt. The Nuggets didn't have a chance against the Spurs in the team's first-round playoff series. Winning the opener was an aberration.

Losing Game 3 cooked them for the series.

Now down 3-1, it is but 48 minutes from the pain being over.

It hasn't been all bad, though. Allen Iverson's presence has finally allowed Carmelo Anthony to become a playoff factor and Nene has upped his profile greatly with a strong effort against San Antonio. Keep him healthy and the money Denver spent on him in the offseason will look like a greater bargain with each passing year.

The team still needs help in the backcourt and with long-range shooting. J.R. Smith's lack of defense and immaturity makes him a no-play with coach George Karl.

Scoreboard Grumblings

Rockies' pitching -- not good. Losing 9-5 to San Francisco when Barry Bonds does nothing but draw walks? This team is lost right now, doing nothing of quality, consistently.

Now for the positives -- shortstop Troy Tulowitzki is hot with the bat. He torched the Giants for a 4-for-4 night and first baseman Todd Helton finished with 17 RBI in April.

Still laying money on 90 losses.

Still wondering where all the power is this season.

Still wondering why third baseman Garrett Atkins has become a nobody.

Thought outfielder Brad Hawpe was a player, too.

Oh, brother

Only Denver coach Mike Shanahan could feel good or be fooled by a young man saying anything necessary to land a big NFL contract. Shanahan thinking he got a quality young man in Florida defensive tackle Marcus Thomas is laughable. Shanahan is just drunk with desire over Thomas' physical talent, so much so that he is unwilling to see the truth -- that Thomas, now with big money and bigger temptations, will fall big in the future and will be out of the league, at great financial and draft pick expense. Sorry, lengthy rap sheets don't lie.

National Notes

Talk show hosts never learn.

Check it out...bagging the Nuggets.

Former Rockies' draft pick gets stung and you know it's going to hurt for a while. The man flat out blew it, being on the verge of returning to the fantasy land that is the major leagues and the paycheck that goes with it. Go to the back of the line!

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