Sunday, April 8, 2007

Ah, the good old days all over again

Scoreboard grumblings

How 'bout that Rockies' bullpen, flammable as it ever was, blowing two games in San Diego after Josh Fogg and Aaron Cook gave top-shelf performances. Don't think that's discouraging to the starters? And while the Padres are expected to be a quality team where are the vaunted Colorado bats? San Diego wins it 10 innings Sunday, 2-1.

Super Joe Sakic scored the go-ahead goal to help lead the Avalanche past Calgary, 6-3. Sakic hit the 100-point mark in the process, the first time he's accomplished that feat since 2001. O.K., Colorado had its' transition season. It's time to get Sakic one more deep run into the playoffs with some offseason dirty work.

Tiger Woods fails to come through on a Sunday while nested near the top of the leaderboard. Guess Woods is human, after all. It's just been so long since he was mortal I forgot. Zack Johnson? He's won some money in his career but you could have told me he was your mechanic or tax guy and I would have believed you. Great day to see the unexpected go down.

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