Friday, April 20, 2007

Random ramblings

Father of the Year

Wonder why kids are screwed up?

It usually starts at home.

Good luck to "dad" trying to rehabilitate his image. This is going to crush him.

"You're Don Imus? Hey, big fan of yours. My name is Alec. Are you stupid, too?"

Likely story

Poor woman ended up on injured reserve on some accident her friends will never let her live down -- if women did such a thing. Guess that's only men.

"Big Fish."

"Big Fish go boom."

Think Mr. Husband is going to hear about that one. Way to look out for your wife, dude. Scout the water next time. The presence of dinosaur fish means no place to have fun with your girl.

The health news you always wanted to hear

Who can't do good things for their body when it's just this easy?

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