Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Going gangsta' at CSU; Buffs' recruiting

I guess CSU forward Xavier Kilby doesn't have a TV.

How else do you explain the news coming out of Fort Collins?

What is going on in this funky little world of ours?

Are people are playing cops and robbers or are they just mimicking video games?

Or is everyone just plain crazy?

Guns are cool?

Guns are what men carry to make sure respect comes their way?

Did these people ever get love at home? Discipline?

When did people get so stupid?

Pointing a gun at someone's head?

Then pointing it elsewhere and shooting?

Soon-to-transfer-if-he-doesn't-end up-in-jail-or-prison Kilby points a gun at teammate Ronnie Aguilar on Sunday before aiming it elsewhere and firing?

If this proves factual, this is beyond reprehensible, but especially on the heels of Virginia Tech. The man should be forced to wear a clown outfit and dunce hat, daily. Check Kilby's brain and his heart. I don't think he has either organ.

Truly, how many athletes or students need guns?

Lost in translation

Maybe not determined in the Nuggets' surprising road win at San Antonio in Game 1 of the team's first-round playoff series was the origin of Carmelo Anthony's schooling.

In an Associated Press story, the Denver forward discussed the difference in this team to the 2005 edition that also won the opener of the playoff series against the Spurs, in San Antonio, before losing four straight and the series.
"Two years ago we probably were just happy to be in the playoffs," Anthony said. "Now we ain't just happy to be in the playoffs. We know we're a good team and when we play good we can play with the best of them."
All the WSN can gather is -- that's either evidence of a Syracuse education and why high schoolers should steer clear of that campus or it's the fact that Melo likely missed a class or two coming up through the ranks while ballin'.

Rush to give

The Broncos need help, as in depth at running back, even with former Bill and Titan Travis Henry on board. So how about some names to consider for adding to the mix?

Sorry, not going to be mentioning Oklahoma's Adrian Peterson or Cal's Marshawn Lynch in this space. Here are the other guys.

Ken Darby, Alabama
---A serious match for Denver. Tough, runs hard, finds holes, makes the cut and goes. Would have to be around in round 3 for Denver to be interested, which they would as a strong running attack allows quarterback Jay Cutler to keep defenses from screaming, spitting and jumping on him. An upgrade over Mike Bell.

Kenny Irons, Auburn
---The talent is there. Slipped at the conclusion of his career, which is not a good indicator for his future but he would add some explosion to the backfield. Coach Mike Shanahan would have to be convinced Irons is going to be a worker bee.

Kolby Smith, Louisville
Some size and the aggressive, one-cut back the Broncos crave. Has faults but could be desired if he's around late on day 2.

Jon Cornish
, Kansas
---Late-round possibility. Extremely productive. Not flashy or dominant but could be Denver's type -- hard working, simple skills, competitor.

Danny Ware, Georgia
---Once a premium prospect, now an afterthought. Is thick and runs hard. Needs proper motivation but could be a last-call kind of back for the Broncos.

Draft, II

Best ever...find the local names.

Buffs recruiting with Munsterteiger

CU coach Dan Hawkins and his staff have to keep moving on the recruiting trails to build the Buffs' program back up. Doing so after a 2-10 season isn't easy but the school has to keep putting its' nose in there and take some pops along the way.

Spoke to Adam Munsterteiger of BuffStampede.com about some of the big early stories coming out of Boulder, from the verbal of elite wide receiver Corey Surrency out of the JC ranks to Mullen offensive tackle Bryce Givens ditching the state and Ponderosa linebacker supreme Jon Major's decision-making process.

I've been amazed a talent like Surrency would be hot for CU with so many other power schools likely to be tempting him and Munsterteiger agrees, in part because the big wideout has not been on campus or met the coaches yet.

"If I'm a Colorado fan, I'm not feeling too comfortable with that commitment right now," Munsterteiger said." He has offers from LSU and Minnesota and Cal is coming after him hard.

"If I'm putting the odds in Vegas I don't like the Buffs' odds even though he is listed as a commitment."

So what's up with Givens leaving the state for hated Nebraska? Were the Buffs ever in the race for him running interference for their offense?

"He was pretty impressed with CU in mid-March," Munsterteiger shared. "But you have that childhood favorite and they offer you a scholarship and the rest is history."

Major is a big, hard-hitting linebacker on the nation's radar. Does CU have a chance to convince him to come to Boulder or is he another heartbreaker ready to happen?

"For everything I'm hearing at Ponderosa, CU has as good as chance as anybody," Munsterteiger said. "This is a kid who really enjoys the recruiting process. I think he'll milk it for all it's worth and there is nothing wrong with that. I think it's going to be a while before we find out where he's going to go."

Scoreboard grumblings

Ah, brother, look at those Rockies. Taylor Buchholz is not a starter. Guess I don't have all the baseball experience necessary to have a say but that news was obvious back in Houston town. Those Colorado boys, led by Buchholz, fall to the Mets, 6-1, and the only positive I can bring to the table from that disappointment is that Matt Holliday is radioactive right now -- three more hits, his third-straight game with a trio of knocks. So far, little power from the big Okie but he's streaky with the longball and it should only be a matter of time before balls start leaving the yard.

In the oven

Spoke to Air Force football coach Troy Calhoun yesterday and will post that conversation later this week. Today I will speak to Kelly Lyell of the Coloradoan about CSU's spring work on the field. Look for that, as well, later this week.

Random ramblings

So, the Spurs' Tony Parker has Eva Longoria as his girl and the Warriors' Baron Davis has Jessica Alba in his arm? Maybe you should check the classifieds and look for 'NBA players wanted' and apply, pronto.

About time and long overdue. Disgraceful, really, to think it's taken this long and all the excuses have been accepted. Every improvement in culture is taken a step back from ugly and two steps towards healthy.

Best albums you've never, ever heard of (well, probably not anyway),
courtesy of Bullz-Eye.com, part 1 and part 2.

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