Monday, April 16, 2007

Today's Virginia Tech shootings

Regarding the news coverage, in particular from CNN, the blame game has started. Seems the media believes such a sickening piece of evil could have been prevented. I'd agree if we were talking about educational facilities from pre-school through high school, where you have smaller campuses but on higher-level institutions where there are multiple buildings, spread out, more freedom in coming and going, this was not something that could have been stopped.

Other hot points

Saw some video which included sounds of gun shots -- pop, pop, pop-pop, pop-pop-pop. With each sound I heard I knew that wasn't just a gun shot, it was someone dying. I also knew this freak was hunting people, seeing people die in front of him, wasn't moved at all by it, and his rage was hot that he was hungry for more.

That the shooter is reportedly dead gives no satisfaction.

The question I have in situations like these is what, what specifically, makes someone this crazy mad, as in psychologically broken to carry out such an grand execution

You know when you send children to school, especially college, there are dangers as a parent you can't control but you never could imagine something of this ugliness, this magnitude occurring.

Just sick right now.

And who thinks that they will birth and raise a child who will become a murderer and in this case, a mass murderer?

That some human being believes he has the moral and legal right to kill other people's loved ones. Like they say, a special place in hell for such gargoyles.