Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Denver question; Kilby acting; Wilson done

The Nuggets did it once before before getting knocked out cold by San Antonio in the playoffs.

They just angered the Spurs by punking them in their backyard Sunday.

Can they do it again?

Three more times?

That's going to be a challenge and yet many are giddy that Denver can actually pull it off. Thing is hope disappears quickly when one team is superior to another and the facts are San Antonio plays defense consistently. The Nuggets don't. The Spurs have size guards in Tony Parker and Manu Ginobli who give them fits and a big man, Tim Duncan, who is a stats' machine.

Carmelo Anthony looked good in one playoff game. Ditto, Nene.

Allen Iverson has done this before but can he do it again against the San Antonio "D?"

This test ain't over yet.

Shhhhh...still like the team with all the rings.

CSU forward due in court

CSU's Xavier Kilby will sweat more between now and Monday then he ever did in practice and a game for the Rams. The wanna-be gangsta' who pointed a gun at teammate Ronnie Aguilar's head will get to tell his rap story to a judge in Larimer County and I'm sure it will be good.

Don't think the magistrate will be impressed, do you?

Say goodnight, the party's over
They say that all good things must end

What size of jumpsuit do you wear, Mr. Kilby

Wilson officially done in Denver

Difficult to accept that Al Wilson's talent and fire are no longer part of an organization that sorely needs both attributes but the truth hurts sometimes and the truth is Wilson has been given the bad news by the Broncos -- you're not wanted.

A bad body and a contract that is too ugly cost him his job.

Here's hoping the true professional lives a good life, first, and if he can regain his health, maybe take another shot at the NFL, just as long as it's outside the AFC West.

By the way, in the article link above, Chicago 'backer Lance Briggs is mentioned as a candidate for trade by Denver.


Briggs is a talented, productive player but at what cost when the Broncos have many needs to be filled if they truly want to get to and win in the playoffs.

Scoreboard grumblings

The Rockies are not a terrible team. Their record just indicates such.

Losing 2-1 in 12 innings on the road to the Mets showed again the bullpen stinks (Brian Fuentes' blown save) and the offense is chronically sick (one run?).

Starter Aaron Cook got no support but then again he should be used to it as it happened numerous times last season. If it wasn't poor hitting it was an awful bullpen that cost him wins. Both illnesses have cost Colorado often again this season.

General manager Dan O'Dowd did not correct what needed to be fixed.

But he received a contract extension anyway.

He has pictures.

Falcons' assistants

Two assistants have been hired under new coach Jeff Reynolds at Air Force.

Random ramblings

O.K., here's an idea for the day -- look in the mirror. Will never understand our fascination in this country in treating perpetrators of ugly, vicious, scar-leaving crimes with more courtesy and care than we do the victims as if their rights are of superior importance. Do those who were destroyed and yet remain living or were murdered get such civil treatment from the animals who are now vocally supported in this land, all in the name of 'no cruel or unusual punishment.' We really are full of ourselves, aren't we, to care so much about those who care so little about us, society's rules and humankind?

We pass off murder as mere tragedy and move on with our lives but slam on the breaks when it comes to the lives of those convicted of those crimes.

A quick shout out to one tough hombre -- Caden Thomas. So happy you are are recovering, little brother. Enjoy the attention and hold on to the story that many will ask you about for years.

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