Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Drafting; NCAA freak out; Eastern wisdom

Some media, especially Bill Williamson of the Denver Post, like Nebraska defensive lineman Adam Carriker as the Broncos' first-round choice in the end-of-the-month NFL draft.

The problem, at least it says here in this space, is Carriker is likely to be gone come Denver's turn to choose. The former Huskers' size and production in Lincoln is going to be difficult to reject by teams higher up in the round. Despite that reality, Carriker is not, remember this, a high-ceiling player. He would be an improvement but dominance or Pro Bowls are not likely in his future.

While the WSN likes a defensive lineman badly for the Broncos don't be surprised if they go for another position, maybe even on offense, say a wide receiver. Quarterback Jay Cutler needs help there as well as offensive tackle.

For Jim Bates' defense, some linebacking help would be smart as would more depth at cornerback and a playmaking safety (file the name LaRon Landry).

More pickins'

Checked out Todd McShay's seven-round mock draft at ESPN's Insider and you'll see CU had one player -- one -- projected to be selected. That unknown kicker they have, going in round 3.

And some wonder why the Buffs came up short many times last season on the field. They had no juice.

CSU was a no-show on the list.

Both the Buffs' Dan Hawkins and the Rams' Sonny Lubick are well aware of those numbers.

By the way, McShay likes the Broncos to go D-line in round one, only he likes Florida's rangy pass rusher, Jarvis Moss.

I don't. At all.

Think former Alabama standout and NFL fraud down in Tampa Bay, Eric Curry, when you ponder Moss.

Anal leadership

O.K., we all know about abuse of power and we all know that abuse of power and N-C-A-A are one strong, unbreakable couple. Check out their latest fetish.

Let's see -- can we find something else we can control because, well, we're control freaks, instead of looking for significant ways to make the college athletic experience better for those who play the games.

I'll bet the NCAA people are so much fun at parties, don't you?

Imagine the shop talk.

And the bored women.

Maybe the NCAA should co-op with the Internal Revenue Service people and the both of them could enjoy swapping stories of their cults.

Wisdom from back East

It greatly amuses me that I often read criticism of Marcus Camby.

How many times has Denver had a center of his caliber?

Reminds me of how unappreciated point guard Andre Miller was while he was in town.

Finally, someone sees Camby for who he is -- right here.

You find a big man who can consistently rebound, block some shots and score a little, you shut your mouth, pay him and respect him. Some in the media think a talent like him can be picked up at any convenience store for loose change in the car.

Scoreboard grumblings

It was the Giants' bullpen which melted Tuesday as the Rockies ripped them for five runs in the eighth inning to send San Francisco to bed a 5-3 loser. Giants' starter Matt Cain mowed down Colorado for seven frames but Jason Hirsh kept his team in the game until the bats broke out to win it. Hirsh is looking as solid as the man he is replacing, Jason Jennings, but it's still early. The Rockies' bats are still not doing the job, although Todd Helton is off to an uncharacteristically hot start, minus the power. This team needs some juice right now all over but where that's going to come from, who knows. Patience is mandatory. It's all fans have to use.

Virginia Tech pain

What parent could ever conceive their child could and would become a murderer, a mass murderer?

How do they explain anything, say anything to anyone?

What types of introspection is going on in their hearts?

We hear forgiving is forgetting but how do you forgive in the flesh?

This life is so full of pain, a rough ride. Why then, as human beings, do some of us have no difficulty assaulting or killing others.

How do we justify it?

Do we really believe we're selling the drama?

Did the gunman's meltdown give him the power, the revenge he needed to feel whole?

Is that why he shot himself?

Like a coward?

How does one comfort a loved one of those slaughtered as though they were sub-human?

Muy loco

O.K., I understand not taking criticism well but challenging a talk show host to a fight?

Come on now, do you realize even if could knock him out that you can never win such a fantasy in the court of public opinion?

You don't think MLB won't be giving you a ring, ring on that, too?

Focus on managing. Winning shuts up a lot of fools, or so my fortune cookie says.

Speaking truth

Here's a fun argument for this politically-correct hypocritical society of ours. On race. On white legs. See what you think. Black quarterbacks, white running backs. Why does this all still matter to a supposedly evolved culture? See, I'm odd. Give me talent -- football, girls, whatever -- in any color. I'm looking for the bottom line and not thinking of how others think it should be. Just give me performance and leave the rest of the junk at the door because it doesn't mean anything.

On the house

In this space, I like to keep some Gregg Doyel around for amusement. No one pokes at the truth like him. Yeah, he gets under some people's skin but he is honest and well, funny to at least one in this world. What gets him run here is the fact I respect he is greatly offended at misinformation, lying and bad acting from all those in the sports' world.

Must be brothers from a different mother.

Here are his latest Dribbles from around this country of ours.

Check the links to the left of this page for his column, including a powerful new piece on New York fans' love-hate affair with Alex Rodriguez.


LeBron James. King James. King of Excess.

Building a new home.

Word is, from the Sporting News, the joint will max out at 35,440 square feet.

Coming tomorrow

Tomorrow, a look into potential Broncos' draft selections on both sides of the ball in this month's NFL draft.

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Commish CH said...

One may argue that Camby may be the greatest center in Nugs history. That's not saying alot (Danny Schayes, anyone?) but I'd take him ahead of 1993-94 Mutombo right now.