Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bonus Tuesday; fresh, updated

A rare morning bonus round of coverage, from the NFL draft to the Nuggets, Air Force and more.

Was looking over the work of Jeff Legwold of the Rocky Mountain News, primarily his list of offensive lineman and have to share the inside dope from the mind that controls this space.

The lineman that the WSN most is drawn to is offensive tackle Joe Thomas of Wisconsin. Some experts have pegged Central Michigan's tackle, Joe Staley, as a possible Denver pick, but other names from Legwold's work that stood out as Broncos' types are USC center Ryan Kalil, whom I wrote about in the past at the Black and Gold Truth, Arkansas tackle Tony Ugoh, written about here recently as a potential Denver player and Auburn guard Ben Grubbs, an athletic, experienced talent who played for a successful Tigers' program. Remember these names come Saturday.

This made the newspaper
but it's zero surprise to anyone who has stayed awake in Broncos' class over the years -- Denver can't draft worth beans. All those experienced minds and they are horrible. From the Dan Reeves to the Mike Shanahan eras, this franchise has been miserable. What has saved it from ruins has been the stellar coaching. Truth? If Reeves had just capable drafting during his time in town, he would have won Super Bowls, as in plural, and his legacy would be that of one of the best coaches of his time. Shanahan, with better talent procurement, would own another ring.

Nuggets Noise

Point guard Steve Blake could be packing his bags soon after his arrival in Denver, maybe for Portland, according to the Rocky Mountain News, and that would be considered a loss. Blake is no star but the Nuggets should try to do what they can financially to retain his services. He runs, he passes, he's a quality player. Is he perfect getting big minutes? No, but who will replace his unselfishness and passing? Denver would be wise to ask themselves that question. That said, never overpay for goods. This franchise can't afford any more bad contracts.

is hurting and you just hope he can continue playing well without hurting himself. His knee has not been right all season but his play has been strong. This franchise must feel cursed, from Calvin Natt to LaPhonso Ellis to Kenyon Martin. For Nene to become chronically injured would be a little too much to take. The Nuggets would be wise to be err on the side of caution, especially with Nene's talent and huge and long contract.

Fantastic article by Marc Spears of the Denver Post on the truth of Denver's success in Game 1 of its' playoff series against the Spurs. Carmelo is not the only horse pulling the wagon anymore.

Falcons' new boss

What struck me reading Irv Moss' interview in the Denver Post with new Air Force basketball coach Jeff Reynolds was the new boss' intelligence and perspective. With his past success, I get a good feeling that Reynolds can be as solid a hire as the Falcons' program could expect. He wasn't the young, fire-breathing prodigy that garners headlines or the old sage looking for one more run at glory but there is something about him that seems right.

Random ramblings

The tale of two sisters, so to speak, right here. One is the good sister and one, well, isn't. So why do you care? You probably don't but it caught me because good sister is a prostitute for her career while bad sister is honest but self destructive without restraint. Good sister is a phony, which never gets a pass here while bad sister is just a mess.

Is this guy disgusting or what? As much for who he is as for the way he makes his fortune. Once a victim of a violent break-in at his house, constantly being pursued by the law, and he just doesn't get it. Who he is, what he does, makes him a target. And he deserves every bit of it. Without his $$$, he really isn't much. Probably has to buy his friends.

And you think rush week, or whatever the nerds called their fraternity fun, was bad. Imagine this degradation coming your way. In this country, the less accomplished do without but how about this celebration of the human spirit -- ahh, I feel cleansed.

She seems pleasant enough if you read her work but my word, is this girl also one of those women you hope you never date, or have dated and wish you had not? A trip, to say the least.

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