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Miles' colors; exclusive picks; Mad Max

New CSU basketball coach Tim Miles goes one-on-one with Natalie Meiser of the Denver Post.

And I watched.

What I see, and have noticed before is Miles enthusiasm and no-junk philosophy. The man doesn't come with a lot of bells and whistles, will not charm the fans but he will work, he loves to work and is passionate about basketball and winning.

He is what CSU needs right now.

One comment I remember from my conversation with Rams' athletic director Paul Kowalczyk is that Miles has 11 winning seasons in 12 years, while building programs. That tells me the new man knows how to focus on the task at hand, roll up his sleeves, and get dirty. He's going to will success on this program.

Recruiting will tell the story but when that falls into place, expect CSU to take the steps in the right direction.


The NFL draft is just around the corner and now time is like the present so here is an exclusive look at who the Broncos' are likely interested in to add to the roster and potential strong fits.

This is the WSN Broncos Draft Talk. If you want to run your best, send it this way using the form to the left on this blog.


Dwayne Bowe, LSU -- strong, productive target to round out receiving corps
Sidney Rice, South Carolina -- raw but BTP (Big, Talented, Productive)
Steve Smith, USC -- outstanding career but smallish; will make plays anyway
Craig Davis, LSU -- second banana to Bowe but well liked by scouts


Wish I could tackle this but not going to


Antonio Pittman, Ohio State -- Denver-style grinder
Ken Darby, Alabama -- has warts but also talent; sleeper; mid-round pick
Kenny Irons, Auburn -- senior slump cost him mega-bucks; can play


Jarvis Moss, Florida -- speedy & intriguing but will struggle against the run
Adam Carriker, Nebraska -- solid, workmanlike, low risk but moderate ceiling
Dan Bazuin, Central Michigan -- a pass rusher; the home boys need one
Quentin Moses, Georgia -- strong talent, reported goldbricker
Jay Moore, Nebraska -- an athlete with pass-rushing potential
Brian Robison, Texas -- sleeper type that Denver likes; worker


Amobi Okoye, Louisville -- worth a big trade up to get; explosive
Paul Soliai, Utah -- size and skills DC Jim Bates loves
Justin Harrell, Tennessee -- sluggish but word is Broncos like him -- surprise
Brandon Mebane, Cal -- skilled player from power conference


Paul Posluszny, Penn State -- punches the clock; dependable; winner
Patrick Willis, Ole Miss -- great character & production
David Harris, Michigan -- he won't be around for them in round 2
Jon Beason, Miami -- another running, hitting Canes' 'backer


Darrelle Revis, Pitt -- size and potential
Aaron Ross, Texas -- without Dre' Bly trade, he could have been the pick
Tanard Jackson, Syracuse -- has the skills but won't be there in round 2
Marcus McCauley, Fresno State -- big and skilled but will team look for DB
David Irons, Auburn -- rangy athlete; third round candidate
Chris Houston, Arkansas -- athlete but inconsistent; nickel back-type
Daymeion Hughes, Cal -- makes plays but reportedly slow and stiff
Ryan Smith, Florida -- solid playmaker at both Utah and Florida


LaRon Landry, LSU -- premium talent; would require trading up into top 10
Reggie Nelson, Florida -- solid; not big but will be decent-to-solid starter
Brandon Meriweather, Miami -- strong potential; off-field concerns
Michael Griffin, Texas -- Horns keep producing talent

If you want a larger-sample look at the first-round projections for Denver, this is the place.

While a certain name is mentioned above, I don't see him landing with the Broncos, but someone does. Denver could do worse.

WSN draft comments

Brady Quinn might not have the John Elway arm or have played a great bowl game against LSU (a staunch defense, by the way) but with the right team, he will be a big winner. Watch. There is also more of a bust factor with JaMarcus Russell. Of course, he also offers the biggest upside.

And if you're into "what if" scenarios, here's some re-drafting for you.


Staying with the draft, here's Paul walking into my office, throwing up his arms and questioning me as general manager of the Broncos from my comments from yesterday. Should I fire him?

"Truth - WR? We already have (Brandon) Marshall ready to step up, (Brandon) Stokley signed, and (Dominik) Hixon back this year. While I don't disagree, that if Steve Smith is still available in the third round or so (which I highly doubt, take him). Our first rounder should be a D-lineman or safety."

WSN: Brother, here's the thing -- Marshall is exciting but he hasn't yet done it for a full season and then he goes and does something stupid in the offseason. Stokely has injury questions although if healthy he can be the third or fourth receiver Denver hasn't been able to find for years. Hixon is also coming off injury so we haven't seen him do anything yet.

I like the way you think as I see Smith, who was hidden behind Dwayne Jarrett's big shadow at USC, as the real deal as a no. 3 pass catcher for Jay Cutler. That said, I'm in the same boat with you as this team needs a Rulon Jones/Simon Fletcher-type quarterback hunter or a Dennis Smith-like safety. Surprisingly, despite the record, the Broncos have multiple holes on the roster. In the end, I like Denver to sell out to trade up for a DL or S and if that fails, try to trade down for another pick or two and then fortify DL, S, WR, RB, LB and CB.

Dempsey weighs in

Marcus Camby is the NBA defensive player of the year, says Chris Dempsey of the Denver Post.

I haven't seen as many players and as many games as CD but if you read this space regularly you know I believe in the power of Camby. The man is one of the best players, not just centers, to ever roll through Denver.

How many have rebounded and blocked shots like him?

That's a short list -- Dikembe Mutombo.

Camby is not perfect but he's got far more horse in him than most who have worn the Nuggets' jersey. I hear many say he's only a weakside defender but truth is his stellar rebounding, shotblocking and shot-altering presence make him formidable.

Just say no

Denver would be wise to "get it" this time around.

Just smile and say "sorry, it's over."

Hey, you find a hottie, go out with them and have them pull the rug out from under you, it hurts. You saw them to do it to someone else and yet you still dove in head first. Now you're thinking of giving this person some more run?

No, you protect yourself.

Yeah, former Broncos' punter Todd Sauerbrun loved it here, said all the right things, even after leaving, but his behavior pattern of substance violations is out there for all to see.

Take him back now that he's free from New England and you just guarantee yourself you're going to come home one day with a broken heart, crying all over my shoulder.

Then what am I supposed to do?

Hold you?

Scoreboard grumblings

The Nuggets' junior varsity bested the Spurs JV on Wednesday, 100-77. The ironic thing is the NBA is so concerned about teams tanking games in hopes of landing a few more ping pong balls for the draft but then it could care less about the paying public having to watch stars sit on the bench and witness glorified playground ball. The league office is a fraud. One more thing, this game means nothing for those who think Denver might actually have a chance in the playoffs against San Antonio. Some positive observations from the game were Reggie Evans dominance like he was playing at the "Y," scoring 19 and ripping down 20 rebounds, Jamal Sampson's 12 boards against former Nugget Francisco Elson (who should be embarrassed) and strong outings from Steve Blake and J.R. Smith.

Rodrigo Lopez and four relievers minimized the nine hits the Rockies allowed the Dodgers in a 7-2 victory. Colorado still isn't showing much power in the lineup but seven runs and 13 hits against Derek Lowe is a good night. Can I bum a cigarette?

And I don't even smoke.

The scoop

Chicago White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle, a quality arm but hardly a dominating type no-hit a talented Texas Rangers' lineup with ease, even striking out eight hitters, showing smarts, control and command go a long way towards pitching success. One day, the Rockies' Jeff Francis, with work, could become Buehrle.

Mad Max

How many more potential cases of killers germinating are there in this country?

Especially when deeply depressed and angry souls discover a way to get the attention they aren't getting now, regarding themselves as martyrs.

Such individuals, regardless of our views now, are our problem. And if we deny that reality we open ourselves up to the possibility of Columbine, Virginia Tech and other living nightmares.

One suggestion that is not the answer is this stupidity. Let's try it out and see how long before we have a string of domestic, on-campus homicides over affairs of the heart and alcohol-related revelry.

O.K., I'm better now.

Just had to purge.

You understand.

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