Monday, April 9, 2007

Daydreams; report cards; revenge

Let's visualize for a moment, imagine if you will something so wonderful that it couldn't be real.

We should only play, though, if you believe you can handle
a plate of sizzle on a Monday morning.

You sure?

It's Hungry Man-style.

O.K., let's try it together.

Check out Pete Fiutak of, via, courtesy of WarriorSportsNews (did I leave anyone out?), where he pictures, because he was asked, a certain Mountain West Conference school checking into new digs to be closer to a down-the-road neighbor.

Just don't spit up on me when you read it, please.

It won't ever happen but I'm hot for the idea, or as a friend of mine would say LOVE it! It makes sense football wise but financially, probably not, but for a day, gonna daydream and smile.

That Fiutak pondering gets a green light.

Bzdelik and CU challenged

Oh, the people down Air Force way are not taking former coach Jeff Bzdelik's defection north to Boulder well.

At all.

They need closure and it will only come, seemingly, from an on-court bloodbath and fan shout- down next season, according to a David Ramsey column in the Colorado Springs Gazette.

Ramsey does make a strong, undeniable point, which is this game will be great theater, worthy of a regional or national telecast it says here.

Personally, I see no way the Buffs try to avoid the contest so the point is mute. Will disagree with the assertion in the column that CU doesn't have much but Richard Roby. CU does have athleticism, talent and with a drill sergeant like Bzdelik refining them, the final product should be something to see.

Who's got tickets?

Big-12 coaching rankings

Tom Dienhart of the Sporting News lays his neck on the line in Big 12 country, rating the coaches. The local representative, Dan Hawkins, coming off a 2-10 debut, comes in as a middle-of-the-pack choice.

For most fans there is going to be plenty to argue about that list. The WSN will say this, Hawkins is due to rise as is Mike Gundy (Oklahoma State) and Gene Chizik (Iowa State). Another name who could be better than advertised is
Ron Prince (Kansas State) but there are already concerns about him. He could become highly successful being an old-school dictator or he could bust with those abrasive and dismissive interpersonal skills.

Consolation for Buff fans

For CU followers despondent over losing hyped 2008 quarterback recruit Landry Jones to Bob Stoops and Oklahoma, read down this article to the second-from-the-last paragraph to get a splash of reality.

Of course, the same thing was once said of a Buffs' recruit from Texas by the name of, wait a second, what was his name?

Koy Detmer.

And we all know how he turned out playing with a better quality of teammate.

You in or are you out

The question is the one CSU coaches and fans want to know about Colorado prep recruit Stephen Franklin, once a CU verbal then a Rams' verbal. New Rams' coach Tim Miles makes his comment on it all here in this Kelly Lyell story in the Coloradoan.

To be fair, Franklin's head is likely spinning, thinking Ricardo Patton was going to be his basketball daddy, then wondering if the CU program was going out of business, deciding to stay in the state and play for Dale Layer, only to see him relocate too. Franklin has to be a little gun-shy now, you know?

He just needs a little time to figure it all out. In the end, one hopes he sees the local opportunity as enticing and decides not to make himself an export.

Feel the draft

Jarvis Moss of Florida seems to be doing well at the media polls as a candidate for the Denver Broncos' first-round draft pick. Here's the latest, from Vinnie Iyer of the Sporting News.

West needs to come west, just not too far west

Jerry West
on the move again, maybe to the Pacific Northwest?

That according to Marc Spears of the Denver Post.

Now, I know Denver has its' front office full but if a playing and executive legend like West is looking for a new address, you make room for him. Nuggets' owner Stan Kroenke is a smart man and he can prove it by getting in West's ear any moment now.

Attacking the Cats

Been thinking and the Italian blood is starting to boil as Kansas State's hard-line approach to its' touted incoming recruiting class -- no releases -- is bullying and wrong. Sure, the school is upset over Bob Huggins using it like a one-night stand after he split without remorse to West Virginia but the players signed on to play in Manhattan, not because of the education, the scenery, the girls or whatever but because of Huggins' stature as a coach. To hog tie those recruits and force them to play for the Wildcats or lose eligibility is selfish and childish. It's punishing those who are blameless for Huggins' actions.


The current word on the street is with assistants Frank Martin and Delonte Hill moving up to head coach and top assistant KSU's sparkling recruits, especially mega-talent Michael Beasley, are leaning toward putting on a good face and showing up come fall.

Name to remember come fall

For CU, a new hombre to tackle over the next three-to-four seasons. Sounds like a good one, even if you haven't heard much about him but he was no slug coming out of high school in Vegas. He just had to wait for his turn behind some BMOC named Adrian Peterson.

Say it loud, say it proud letters

Paul gives the Denver Post's NFL mock draft a stiff arm and comes up with a name of his own for the Broncos' initial selection.

"Truth - I personally do not like Bill Williamson's articles, although I do have to say following Adam Schefter is a large task. With that said, I think his mock draft is moronic. Granted, mock drafts are a horribly impure science, but (Adam) Carriker should be well gone by the time we select. I wouldn't be surprised if we draft up and I would personally love to see (Louisville's) Amobi Okoye come to Denver - which will probably NOT happen. I do think we're not staying at #21."

WSN: Paul, agree with you strongly that Denver is going to sell out to move up in the draft. Coach Mike Shanahan just has that riverboat gambler blood coursing through his veins. Just look at how aggressive he was in free agency and trading in response to last season's collapse. He's hungry for immediate help.

Carriker could maybe be had at #21, but as you forecast, he is likely be gone, because he is, well, a big defensive lineman who can run and think at the same time without forgetting why he's doing so.

Okoye, meanwhile, is a high-ceiling talent (think John Randle or Bryant Young) with some durability concerns and to score him the Broncos will have to give up their first pick and either a second or third-rounder as well. No doubt this team needs a DL, especially a pass rusher and expect the Broncos do all they can, within reason, to get one.

What's new

Added some new Hot Links to the site Sunday and will continue to do so over time. Just check the left margin from time to time.

The question of the day

I might say some things that you disagree with or find moderately objectionable in this space but my word, my promise to you is that I will never refer to women or any human being as "nappy-headed ho's" as he did.

What I find interesting is that Micheal Ray Richardson lost his job about a week ago for talking about having powerful Jewish attorneys and Tim Hardaway merely said he didn't like gay people, didn't want them on his team (his words, not mine) yet neither went as gutter low as Don Imus, who will suffer humiliation, a verbal lashing and some financial loss but yet, will retain his position on the air where he can talk every day to millions.

And you wonder why some cry "racism?"

Dig deep today

Don't kill the messenger on this one, o.k.?

Just spreading the good news.

Check-out time,


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