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Falcons hire a sleeper; new interview verbals

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Here's what's on the menu today. Air Force has decided there is life after Jeff Bzdelik for its' basketball program, while CU fans learn some more about their new leader courtside. Marcus Camby finds himself back in Rumorville while ex-Bronco John Mobley gets his vacation plans.

Here's more: The Nuggets and Rockies have something in common yet one overcomes that wart on Monday evening. Then check out bits on USC and Nebraska before learning of the newest verbal commitment to interview with the Warrior Sports News.

All right here, all right now.

Air Force has finally decided on assistant Jeff Reynolds as Bzdelik's replacement as head coach of the men's basketball team. The man has led a program before, twice, has been a winner and is another fiery leader in the mold of the man he replaces. His hiring certainly isn't going to wow most but that doesn't matter this moment as the program has fans' attention now. As long as Reynolds can put a winning product on the floor, he will be accepted and this will be a positive move. After all, it's not like Billy Donovan was ever going to end up in the Springs.

Bzdelik Q & A

CU's new basketball coach spoke with Tom Kensler of the Denver Post and it is obvious that Bzdelik is one straight-shooter, which media and fans have to respect, if not always like.

Here are some punches from Coach "B" that landed solidly.

When asked about the talent level on the Buffs' roster, the coach said "we have some work to do."

Uh-oh. He's not overwhelmed with the goods, is he?

When queried if he is a miracle worker, he slapped former coach Ricardo Patton on the back, a real sign of acknowledgment and class.

Bzdelik then discussed his mentors and anytime someone mentions Dean Smith and Pat Riley one has to pay attention. Pointing to Smith's interpersonal skills and Riley's attention to detail you realize Bzdelik likely incorporates that into his coaching and his life.

One of the most impressive answers, however, was Bzdelik not wavering at all about his offensive approach and laying the facts out for all to see, that CU will not be competitive attempting to run and score against the athletes of Kansas and Texas. As Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry character once said "a man's got to know his limitations."

CU needed a strong personality, one that would not be affected by outside criticism or doubts. They likely found what they were looking for by all early signs.

Local boys

CSU standout forward Jason Smith is o.k., even if NBA scouts are throwing fits. Just as it has been written here, Smith is a lock to go in the first round. He's a 7-footer with skills and is a quality person by all accounts. He has no attitude or baggage we know of to get knocked down in the draft to round 2.

How ridiculous an assertion is this -- Nuggets' center Marcus Camby will likely be putting his house up for sale this offseason after he gets moved in a trade? Stupid. Come on now, like Denver can afford to trade its' best rebounder and shot blocker. For whom? That better be some fine booty coming back this way for such a deal to not be insulting. Not saying it won't happen but if it does go down it will only be for one, if not two excellent players in return. You just don't dish quality big men in the NBA without getting some good lovin' from a trade partner.

Former Denver linebacker John Mobley was on court-date row since 2004 (make your own joke here) for a driving under the influence arrest and now that his appeal has been denied the outcome is he gets a seven-day, six-night paid vacation to the local pokey. To John, I can only say, not gonna be fun. I once spent an overnighter in a local establishment (dissimilar matter) and you simply ask yourself, "what happened to me? How did I ever end up here?" Considering I've never lived the high-life like Mobley, it might be a little rougher for him to ride this out. Enjoy the good company and the wonderful courtesy of the "employees" on shift.

Smart move by Rockies' manager Clint Hurdle here. Manny Corpas, along with Ramon Ramirez are two young arms who need to be given more play. I think they're up to it, don't you?

Scoreboard grumblings

The Nuggets bounced back from its' defensive mulligan against Memphis to beat Minnesota, 122-107, to earn its' 44th victory of the season.
Nene and Linas Kleiza each rung up double-doubles and Allen Iverson scored 25 points but sorry, I have no choice, you have to let me rain on the parade for a moment -- shhhh -- we all know Denver's "anything goes" defense, sort of like a college student's personal life, is going to cost it come playoff time. Some nights, the Nuggets are country clubbing, as in kickin' back expecting someone else to do the dirty work. Promise you one thing -- the Nuggets aren't going to score 110 + a game against first-round playoff opponent San Antonio. The Spurs will score easily while Denver will struggle to find answers to a back-alley defense.

The Rockies slept through their game and it appears that Major League Baseball awarded San Francisco an 8-0 forfeit. After further review, I see that Barry Zito threw six shutout innings at Coors Field. Jeff Francis, I also see, did not keep up, allowing seven runs over five innings. Honestly, the only positive to come out this game was that Barry Bonds didn't add insult to injury by homering as he usually does against Colorado.

Ramblings of an obsessive mind

For CU fans: So the red team for Nebraska looked dominant in its' scrimmage as the first teamers on each unit got together to wax the white team of backups, recording a 38-0 win. Only one question, the intramural team wasn't available as an opponent?

Dislike USC? So do others. Check out this little dog-and-pony show. Nothing like seeing Trojans' coach Pete Carroll half-naked.

How the other half lives. Sometimes it's good to be the king. Must say, I'm impressed with that Southern hospitality. Texans sure know how to treat their football and basketball coaches. Why my parents didn't steer me in the direction as a vocation I will never know. Heaven knows I never had the talent to get it done as a player. I just tell everyone otherwise.


What a day to remember, on many levels, for Jenna Stewart. Reminds me of the story of Eddie George's mother, courtesy of Wikipedia.
George's mother, Donna, had changed her schedule as a flight attendant (at the request of Eddie's agent, Lamont Smith) to be in San Antonio for Eddie's signing of his first NFL contract on July 19, 1996. If she hadn't, she would have been aboard TWA Flight 800, which had crashed shortly after takeoff two days earlier.
Verbal commitment

New Air Force coach Troy Calhoun is too good to me, agreeing to talk Falcons' football this afternoon. Will post that conversation later this week.


Been told I have a bad link so here's what we're looking for -- go to Comedy Central and look for Mind of Menicia, then click on his bit on Taxes.

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