Sunday, May 6, 2007

Sunday Truth

An all-out press today with Nuggets, Air Force, Broncos, the Rockies and much more. If you're warmed up and ready to play, let's go.

The Nuggets are deceiving themselves.

O.K., maybe Kiki Vandeweghe doesn't work in Denver anymore but that fact hardly makes him a fool now. For his failed moves (see Kenyon Martin) he did drag the Nuggets out of the gutter, cleaned them up and made them respectable and relevant again.

So when the man says Denver's opportunity for a championship has a window, he shouldn't be discounted so quickly.

Fact no. 1 is guard Allen Iverson is old because of the high mileage on his thin frame. Iverson, like all of us, is mortal and despite his level of play does not have the same body he did five years ago. He can still score and dish but he won't be ripping up opponents in three-to-four years from now.

Center Marcus Camby is the same. It's a joke that anyone could doubt his future when the man is always hurt. Sure, this season, in a huge surprise, he avoided being in the shop as much as normal but the words dependable and Camby don't go hand-in-hand.

If Iverson and Camby were luxury cars, their owners would have noticed that they don't quite drive the way they once did, that the maintenance costs are becoming too much and they both would be, sorry, sold.

Denver can't do that so those two talented but tread-wearing-thin athletes are question marks for the future.

The WSN says this team, should it remain intact, has about two seasons to get to the top.

DeBerry insists he made the call

Former Air Force football coach Fisher DeBerry says it was him, not the Academy, who decided the program needed a change of leadership, leading to his retirement.

Whatever it was, a fantastic coach and ambassador for the Falcons is gone.

In one man's humble opinion, the Falcons scored big in getting Troy Calhoun to the Springs to replace DeBerry but DeBerry didn't go out as he should have after the magnitude of his contribution to the Air Force and Colorado Springs.

It doesn't take a genius to determine something didn't sit right with the former coach when he left his post. Of course, him being who he is, he has decided to keep it quiet.

Not as juicy as I would prefer but guess I can respect his approach.

Broncos can have more of a good thing

Denver snagged a pass rusher in the NFL draft, grabbing Florida's Jarvis Moss. That, however, won't be enough to adequately amp up the team's bum rush on opposing quarterbacks. If coach Mike Shanahan and new defensive coordinator Jim Bates want more heat for Sundays, rumor has it the Chicago Bears are looking to sell off defensive end Alex Brown.

Brown could start, Moss could develop and the Broncos would be better off for it.

The question then becomes cost as in what would the price tag be to get Brown? He's not worth a first or second-rounder and Denver traded away its' third round selection for next season.

That's the story problem for Shanahan to solve, one he should try to figure out as the Broncos should go get Brown.

Sweeping the Nation

Boxing really doesn't matter anymore to most but for a night, the action between winner Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and Oscar De La Hoya almost matched the hype. Almost. But more so in the effort, the skill, the endurance than the amazing hits and courage.

Now here's how baseball used to be. If only kids knew what was tolerated of major leaguers during the game. Wonder if I could get someone at work to be my clubhouse guy? See that cutie over there? Bring me back her phone number...and get me a beer while you're at it, would you.

Potential star hits the mound for San Francisco today. Not predicting his future but he's going to be something to watch because of his power arm. He was the no. 11 on Baseball America's preseason top 100 list of prospects. Two other names in the top 10, Evan Longoria of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays system and Andrew Miller of the Detroit Tigers organization were people the Rockies, surprise, passed on to take Stanford pitcher Greg Reynolds last June.

Regardless of the type of person he is, the type of morals the man has or doesn't have, Barry Bonds does possess rare-gem talent and has worked to become a player for the ages. Even at his age (42), he amazes with the type of dominant stretches he goes on crushing balls, where all pitchers seem to struggle keeping the ball in the yard.

Former CU back Chris Brown might be a fit in New England, as a backup, according to Len Pasquarelli of Brown, I would imagine, still has visions of starting somewhere but he might have to settle for a reserve role where he might be able to overtake someone in time. While that would unlikely happen in Foxboro unless Laurence Maroney gets hurt, playing for a winner is usually a good thing because everything positive you do gets magnified.

What's the line go like again? Thank God for unanswered prayers? Maybe Houston and former Broncos player and coach Gary Kubiak will be giving thanks down the road for prayers not being answered. Seems that Pasquarelli heard the Texans really wanted Ohio State star return man Ted Ginn in the first round of the NFL draft, only to see him reeled in by Miami. The man Houston did get -- defensive tackle Amobi Okoye -- is a better pro prospect at a more premium position.

Someone wasn't paying attention in class
. The NFL is not putting up with this type of behavior anymore. The trip to the Principal's office is not going to be pretty. Dude deserves all he's about to receive for being so arrogant...and stupid.

For Bruce Feldman's ( new hot book on the recruiting process, from start to finish, here's the link. He covers Ole Miss' program for a year, learning all that goes into winning and losing out on recruits. He had a prior work relationship with coach Ed Orgeron when Orgeron was a USC assistant so partnering up, while unique for such access, was greased by their friendship.

Checked out Todd McShay's (, subscription) to look at the 2008 NFL draft and all you need to know is there isn't a CU Buff on the list. You don't expect players from CSU or Air Force to land on preseason charts but if Buffs aren't on there, you realize the hole they start from each season compared to that long-lost past.

Fruitless effort coming up right here
. Playing wide receiver in the NFL is more than world-class speed. It's running crisp routes, understanding the defense and how to get open and then, oh yeah, catching the ball. You'd think teams would have learned that lesson by now.

WSN Rockies Prospect Report

AAA-Colorado Springs -- Third baseman Ian Stewart remains a disappointment (2 HR, 4 RBI) and first baseman Joe Koshansky's average is too low (.287) for the Pacific Coast League but he is producing (4 HR, 19 RBI). This team isn't offering up much hope for the parent club right now.

AA-Tulsa -- shortstop Jon Hererra has a potent bat (.333) but he's also a slap hitter with little pop.

Starter Greg Reynolds, the team's top draft pick last June, is rolling (2-1, 1.91 ERA in 33 innings) and Jarrett Grube continues his excellent work (2-0, 0.59 ERA in 15 frames).

Premium prospect, lefty starter Franklin Morales is still figuring things out (0-2, 3.67 ERA).

A-Modesto -- Outfielder Travis Bechtel is hitting (.304, 3 HR, 15 RBI) and Brandon Hynick is dominating (3-0, 0.00 ERA in 32 innings).

A-Asheville -- First baseman Michael Paulk looks like a prospect (.412, 17 BB, 15 SO) even if he has little home-run punch (1). Shortstop Dan Mayora is also raking (.327).

Lefty Keith Weiser, a third-round draft choice last season, is the standout pitcher (5-0, 2.65 ERA in 37 innings).

Here's the WSN Prospect Book on the field workers:

  1. Koshansky, 1b, C-Springs...major-league quality; needs to raise average
  2. Stewart, 3B, C-Springs...immense talent who is not making adjustments
  3. Hererra, SS, Tulsa...some power needs to emerge from his bat
  1. Reynolds, Tulsa...future no. 3 or no. 4 starter
  2. Hynick, Modesto...the most dominant pitcher in the organization
  3. Weiser, Asheville...picked over Morales for his superior control

Scoreboard Grumblings

It wasn't the Rockies bullpen which gave away a game for a change. Cincinnati served up a late-inning buffet for Colorado hitters and the Rockies ate in a 9-7 road win Saturday. Chris Iannetta and Matt Holliday homered and Brad Hawpe showed up with some timely hitting. Face it, the Rockies pitching is always going to be, well, the Rockies pitching so those with bats in their hands, mostly very capable men, have to start making that wood work.

Random Ramblings

Amazing isn't it -- that a person's life is reduced to what he's worth in his wallet. For what I imagine was most likely less than $ 20 and a cell phone, maybe not even a credit card, someone was viewed as disposable. The perpetrator doesn't have an ounce of remorse, doesn't feel anything about stealing life or devastating a family for years. Of course, society views this as just another day at the office -- a killing here, a few there, lots over there, whatcha' gonna do about it?

Ah, the smack talk continues. The man should look in the mirror and ask what kind of human being he is, talking such ugly, evil junk. Disgraceful that he attaches himself in any way to a god of any sort. Call it like it is -- liar. Maybe he can come slay me now, too. Out of principle and, yeah, love too.

So the rich and powerful do go to jail, occasionally? While her accommodations may not be as posh as she's used to I seriously doubt she will be flop-housing it either. Doesn't help her future prospects that mama is an enabler, either.

Look into the eyes, read this story and see and know evil. Former law enforcement guy who probably is backed by his former co-workers, too, only because of the uniform they once shared. First, try to grasp the crime against someone so vulnerable, then add that it is your own family, add the whip cream by feeling so arrogant and turned on by it all that you film it. Now, for the cherry on top, distribute it world wide, for other chumps to get off on, to humiliate a child. Is any punishment enough? Of course the courts always flex their muscle more for the perpetrators than for the victims, which in this case, will be likely scarred forever. Imagine every guy who desires to date her. The girl was robbed of more than can be expressed.

Sweet honey. Who says I can't share some good news. Read all the way through and see the powerful comments near the end. And the best angle -- no drug company involvement necessary.

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