Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wednesday Hits

It's spring so let's hit the backyard to start things out today...

So is Denver the new rehab center for the NBA? J.R. Smith. Allen Iverson. Ron Artest? Now, as juicy a rumor as this is, it is also lunacy as Sacramento, while desperate to cut Artest (personality in picture) out of their team like the cancer he is, are not going to take broken down Kenyon Martin and his sick contract in exchange. Now, if the Nuggets can make this deal, they shouldn't be criticized for premature "excitement" over being able to pull off such a heist. Not so much talking about talent for talent but a healthy Artest is much easier to ship elsewhere than a lemon of a body like Martin. Only if Denver were to keep Artest would this be a stupid, arrogant, chemistry-wrecking move. That said, don't see it happening.

CSU makes some noise by bringing in a basketball transfer for new coach Tim Miles when it gets an SEC player in Andy Ogide. The good news is he was enough of a prep stud to end up in that power conference. The bad news is he didn't do anything once he got to Mississippi. Of course, in Fort Collins he will be a big, bruising, athletic bundle of potential that with some strong coaching and a work ethic could surprise.

Here's Ogide here.

New CU coach Jeff Bzdelik pulls the shroud off of the other side of Ricardo Patton's recruiting when he tells three players forgeddaboutit. Kowal and Van Burck, I doubt are too dumb too learn Bzdelik's system. They simply didn't have the talent necessary is the only speculation one can make. Inge was a scoring phenom before hitting Boulder but it was obvious he was in over his head when he couldn't earn any court time on a horrible team. What this move will do is open up precious roster spots for recruiting for Bzdelik. A cold, but smart decision, even with the loss of size. It was length in Kowal and Van Burck but apparently it was unplayable length.

Bzdelik then gets a player who gets some praise from Chris Mullin. Cory Higgins, an off-guard, will sign with the Buffs and if Mullin, who is friends with Higgins' father -- Rod -- is credible, CU added some talent. Michael Sanchez, a stud forward from Arkansas, ended his ever-so-brief flirtation with the Buffs to become a hog. That loss hurt more than the Higgins' verbal commitment scores.

Chauncey Billups and the Detroit Pistons are not going to lose their NBA playoff series to Chicago but the young Bulls are a team on the rise, maybe but a season or two away from being an elite team.

Check this list of smoking prospects. At no. 6 is a player the Rockies drafted but couldn't sign. At no. 4 is a pitcher who could be a dominant starter one day and the Colorado passed on in the draft and at no. 1 is a power-hitter that the Rockies thought they didn't need. One question, if you have time today? How many games does Colorado lead the National League West by again?

Sweeping the Nation

The Suns now get a, um, gut check after having Amare Stoudemire and Borias Diaw suspended for their roles in a melee against San Antonio in Game 4 of the team's series after Phoenix guard Steve Nash got punked by Robert Horry, who also gets suspended. Funny how the aggressors in this whole series created such a power play for themselves in a critical Game 5.

Golden State was a great story knocking off Dallas. Utah is a warm one too, advancing to the Western Conference Finals but all that Cinderella fluff is over now. The Warriors matched up well with the Mavericks all season but got done in by the Jazz because Carlos Boozer looked like Moses Malone. Utah beat a solid Rockets team and an upstart group from California. The Spurs or Suns are in an entire different league and will show that against Jerry Sloan's boys.

Here's something to think about the next time a trip to the airport irritates you. It could be worse -- just ask Jacksonville Jaguars running back Fred Taylor. Think he kept it all together and played the part of the composed man in front of his wife when that went down?

Ex-Longhorn knucklehead Cedric Benson is still tripping over his own feet when it comes to character and image. The Chicago Bears running back, who is a pot-smoking underachiever did it again -- showed his lack of maturity. And the Bears think he's going to be the heart of their running game, helping take the heat off of Rex Grossman? If I laugh hysterically will you think I'm high?

Ken Griffey Jr. hit home run no. 571 last night against San Diego. Wonder what he could have done on Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire's diet.

O.K., a little help for those people out New England way. First, quarterback Tom Brady. Enjoy being the king and scoring women like free throws but realize you have to sack it first if you're going to find new receivers all the time. Second, coach Bill Belichick. Better be careful with your celebrity. Yes, you're the toast of the region and are obviously getting women out of your league but learn your lesson. What did your previous flame cost you for her time and body? Now look at your new honey closely. Did I read "thrice divorced?" Maybe you should read that again. "Thrice divorced." Get it? You are like a quarterback on fourth and long and she's Julius Peppers.

Remember this name
-- Tyler Palko. High school stud, collegiate star, too small and weak to get drafted as a pro quarterback and just signed by New Orleans as a free agent, where he will learn from offensive mind Sean Payton and quarterback Drew Brees, who has succeeded in the league being 6-foot-5, 250 pounds. Palko one day will end up being a starter outside of the bayou.

Hey, anyone seen my jockstrap? No, really. Did you take it?

Scoreboard Grumblings

So guess Randy Johnson isn't old yet, is he? Against the Rockies on Tuesday he looked like the once-dominant beast he was -- six shutout innings and nine strikeouts in a 3-0 win. Colorado starter Jason Hirsh got off to a hot five innings but a lack of offense cost him when he gave up two homers in the sixth. He didn't, however, lose this game, his hitters did as even the best Colorado bats were swinging samurai swords, not good wood. Think the hitting coach is sleeping much these days? Better get down to Kinkos and pump out some copies of the resume.

Random Ramblings

Want national attention coming to your town, your methods questioned? Try this stupidity, Colorado Springs' style. Sure makes a lot of sense to me and I'm sure it makes the citizens feel real comfortable. Think some young man better go into hiding as in...underground. Can't wait for the legal explanation on this one and the spin job that will be used to sell it.

So, you're a man and you're 40-plus, then maybe this is a quick read regarding your health that is worth a look. So, vitamins protect you or they don't, does anyone know and even more importantly -- does anyone tell the truth while holding on to their agenda of making serious bank?

So what do you think -- technological overkill or clever idea? Maybe there are people out there begging for this and maybe some will pay the price simply to have the newest thing but I'm missing the appeal and wonder if the price integrity will remain strong. Then again, I could just think too much.

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