Thursday, May 24, 2007

Neuheisel move; Ogirri transfer; free agency

No matter what great things the Baltimore Ravens might do on offense in the next couple of seasons, former CU coach Rick Neuheisel won't get the credit because most believe boss Brian Billick, a noted offensive mind and well, control freak, is runnin' the show.

The reason that Neuheisel should be concerned is he desperately wants to be a head coach again. While Billick gave the former Buffs leader a real break, Neu should split if he can get an offensive coordinator job anywhere if he doesn't want to be forever an assistant.

Kory Sperry is a player and the NFL has noticed. Matter of fact, the League also thinks Jimmie Kaylor ain't bad either -- for a punter. Sperry has a chance to go high in the draft with a big senior season. His size and soft hands are big pluses. With all apologies to the Kaylor family, unless you have a freak of a leg (Ray Guy, Rohn Stark, Reggie Roby or Shane Lechler) you don't normally get drafted high. Right now, the CSU leg is likely a late-round pick. But who knows, if Todd Sauerbrun can't keep clean as a Denver Bronco, maybe the home team will look at Kaylor next spring.

Former Colorado prep star Sean Ogirri, now late of Wichita State, is transferring to Wyoming. Ogirri did some fine clutch things for the Shockers but he is going to end up being less of a factor in Laramie, and that's a reach too. Ogirri had non-legal off-the-court difficulties at WSU that distracted him as a player. If he works his life out he can contribute to the Cowboys but he is a weak guard without much ball-handling ability. He will have to work hard just to survive at Wyoming.

The Broncos can talk up their new cornerback tandem of Champ Bailey and Dre' Bly all they want but with a weak pass rush an advantage in the deep (the secondary) is largely negated. Starve those defensive lineman and poke them with a stick for two days leading up to game time to get them angry and hungry, then maybe Bailey and Bly get fat off the rush up front.

This is a bad (expletive deleted) trade and making such a dumb move would send fans to the franchise, canceling season tickets. Todd Helton ain't what he used to be and Garrett Atkins, a real homegrown star has, without reason, failed miserably this season but you don't dish them to the Angels unless you are getting rock-solid talent in return (see stupid Vinny Castilla trade to Tampa Bay). Getting a hitter or two like Howie Kendrick or Brandon Wood back this way might be appealing or snagging a top-of-the-rotation pitcher might do the trick but the junk that was mentioned in this article -- insulting.

Said it before, the Buffs need help and even if Kelly Jo Mullaney wasn't initially their type, losers can't be choosers. Mullaney started well in Fort Collins so she has to have some game, which CU is in need of -- a shot in the arm, no doubt. Stupid prank but she gets a fresh start at a new school. She will make an impact.

Is it politically incorrect to ask where are students of color for the Steinmark Award? I know the state's minority population isn't large but no student athletes worked hard enough to make this list as a finalist? Hey, don't kill the messenger, just asking.

Here's something good going down -- more Big 12 games on TV.

Denver Post columnist Mark Kiszla, a proponent for easy nights at home with some smoke. Thing is, say what you want, the man has a point. Yes, the rope is illegal but how smart is it to be clubbing, drinking, brawling, groping, maybe packing heat? Which is worse? Not proposing smoking, not condoning it, just flashing the red light on Kisz' column.

Sweeping the Nation

Jerry West is a smart man so does that make me smart if I agree with him that the 2007 NBA draft is overrated? I also agree with West that the draft lottery is a flawed system that needs to go. Instead of worrying that teams are tanking games just fine them heavily or take away their first-round pick. The NFL has docked teams early-round selections for trying to circumvent salary-cap rules so why not deny a dishonest a team their chance at drafting a star?

Is Devil Rays player Elijah Dukes taking relationship advice from O.J. Simpson?

"Yeah, bro, you'se got to set your woman straight -- let her know you'll whack her if she don't do right by you."

Dukes -- potential future murderer.

So, now that Jessica Alba's relationship is on the rocks, do we move in, like now, or play it cool and wait...until tonight? So, if she was/is in a relationship, what's the whole hangin' out thing with Warriors point guard Baron Davis? Is that a California kind of pass?

By the way, hope someone tells this guy that getting asked to show the goods for PlayGirl is not exactly a compliment, or smart career move.

Speak up, Go Warrior

From Zach, who has some heat to send this way on the Paul Backowski comments I made over the big tackle's transfer from CU to North Dakota State.

"I'm sure playing time was an issue, and maybe skill. That said, having graduated from CSU and now currently working as a sports reporter in Fargo, I will say this-NDSU would have beaten CU last year. And that's not just because the Buffs lost to a 1-AA Montana State team that was inferior to NDSU. If you wanna look it up and prove me wrong go ahead. Yes, CU has fallen that far."

WSN: Hope things are going well with your career in Fargo, Zach.

Maybe NDSU beats the hapless Buffs last season but Backowski didn't end up your way because of the great program, education or party scene. He only saw that school as an option because he might get playing time right away, lesser competition to be honest, as he didn't see a bright future in Boulder. At CU, no matter the difficulties he might have been facing, he likely would have gutted it all out if he knew he was going to start.

From Paul, who doesn't but should love my idea regarding collegiate free agency.

"Two things - free agency in college basketball is a horrible idea...where to begin...I just won't touch it. Second, I agreed completely with you throughout the college basketball season until the championship game. Did you see Oden against Florida? That game propelled him above Durant in my opinion."

WSN: Coaches have free agency, don't they? Why not the players? Why don't coaches have to sit out a year when taking a new gig?

You could still put limitations on this proposed free agency in all the sports so you don't end up with an extreme balance of outgoing and incoming athletes. Players would also, unlike recruiting, have to finance all their own trips to prospective new schools. They would additionally be required to be academically eligible to be able to play right away at a new locale.

Coaches would hate this but this isn't about them.

As for Oden, great potential, wonderful skills, going to be good but his demeanor makes me uneasy enough that, the center position be damned, I'd take Durant.

Rip me in 10 years.

Scoreboard Grumblings

Now that is the Jeff Francis I'm talkin' about -- seven shutout innings in a 2-0 Colorado win over Arizona. One day, it might all line up for the Canadian and he will the win 18-20 games that his talent suggest he is capable. He's potentially that good.

Ryan Spilborghs, who should have made the team over John Mabry coming out of spring training, drove in two runs. Another nice Rockies decision putting the thumb on Spilborghs.

Garrett Atkins (.228) and Jeff Baker (.230) are simply the Lost Boys. Amazing how Atkins has gone from emerging national star to invisible.

Now that's magic.

Just wonderin'

Is the Nuggets front office out on the golf course or working in the conference room and on the phone lines trying to get some better two-guard and defensive help into the team mix?

Is the Avalanche committed to becoming a formidable group again?

Is it just me or should the Rockies concentrate on finding a hitter more than a pitcher early in the June amateur draft?

Is CU better off going with shared quarterbacking this fall with JC transfer Nick Nelson and redshirt freshman Cody Hawkins since neither of them has demanded the job with their play yet?

How much is CU sweating getting stud recruits P.T. Gates (RB) and Markques Simas (WR) into school?

If Sonny Lubick's Rams flounder in 2007 is the best coach in school history a dead man walking?

Who's a better player, a better Hall of Fame bet -- Ken Griffey Jr. or Barry Bonds?

Why are many sluggers having down years this season? No Wheaties? The return of Gibson and Koufax?

Which city will more disappointed at not winning the NBA title -- San Antonio or Detroit?

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