Thursday, May 10, 2007

Naeole wants raise; Mo-Pete; booty

The Backyard....

Former CU guard Chris Naeole wants to get paid and if he has to say "no huggy, no kissy" until he gets enough zeroes on a new contract, then so be it. The Jacksonville Jaguars, at least coach Jack Del Rio, don't appear too motivated to loosen the purse strings. If Naeole holds his ground he could become trade bait. He just wouldn't draw much. In time, both sides will give and the two will get back together.

The Nuggets find a more dependable, better offensive perimeter player for next season and that's a fact. How does Morris Peterson sound? Not sure if the money lines up but hey, if this is possible, I like the idea.

How much would the Suns love to have Denver center Marcus Camby to pair with Amare Stoudemire up front? Apparently some are pondering that thought. Great move for the Suns if they could sell the Nuggets on it. The question then remains -- what does Denver get out of it? A package included Boris Diaw or Leandro Barbosa? A draft pick? Giving up the rebounding Camby would hurt so proven talent and the right puzzle piece in return is necessary.

Former Colorado preps Jeff Byers and Calais Campbell are getting ink as is CU punter Matt DiLallo.

The National Sweep

Oh, please. Pack the booty away until the wedding for Spurs point guard Tony Parker. Not smart. Not cool. Dude is an NBA player. A man. Like he doesn't have flesh thrown his direction all...the...time. It would be one thing if the two had not sacked before but to give, take, give again, well that, Tony Parker, is one big sign of who your little kitten is and will become once she's rung you up. Think I have to cheer the Texas Frenchman on a little more now. Eva Longoria, definitely attractive, but with some Viper in her too. Oh, I'm sure she thinks wedding night sex will be amazing by holding out now but her man ain't thinking anywhere along those lines.

Seems the Detroit Lions feel they can impose a drug-free workplace on employees. Guess no one told former draft bust Charles Rogers. Now the team is saying "where's my money!" Look for more contracts, if the players' union doesn't go loco, to insist on specific wording in contracts based on to make sure they are getting better run for their money. Going to class or college practice stoned might play but do that in the NFL and you're lucky you don't end up in an ambulance.

Curt, Curt, Curt...why be phony? Seems Boston pitcher Curt Schilling retracted his verbal assault on Barry Bonds, apologizing for his outburst. Thing is, he's not sincere, he's only doing it because he's trying to avoid a bigger firestorm than he just started. When he popped off, at least he was honest, no matter how little discretion he showed. Apologizing shows character if you mean it. Schilling, shhhhh, really doesn't. That's being a fake.

Why is anything in golf top secret? Who cares how any player swings? Yet Phil Mickelson seems to think it matters. Mickelson can keep his trade secrets because, honestly, that information rates right up there with my desire to read the back of a cereal box.

Golden State knocked off mighty Dallas but is about ready to be done in by Utah, now down 2-0 in the team's Western Conference semi-final playoff series. Why? The Warriors are playing no defense, getting kicked, shoved and dominated by Carlos Boozer inside and Deron Williams outside. The Jazz in the conference finals -- who would have thunk it? Of course, that will be the end of the road should they play Phoenix next. The Spurs, though, might have some trouble with Utah.

Who is Amanda Beard? Is it wrong for me not to know? Guess I could decide to see her soon and so could you. Funny, how she's going to get some serious cheddar to take her clothes off while I'd do so for free.

Scoreboard Grumblings

The Rockies aren't playing last season's St. Louis Cardinals. This year's version isn't that good yet bumbling Colorado got wasted 9-2 Wednesday. Starter Jason Hirsh fell apart and the bullpen further let the game get away.

Todd Helton collected two more hits and is hitting .393 on the season after a run where he has been scorching hot, with 39 hits in his last 87 at-bats (.448).

This team is puzzling beyond belief. Minimal power, good players struggling to hit and no answers in sight. Management seems to be taking the approach it will all work itself out...with no adjustments.

"So how's that working for you?"

Random Ramblings

Here's why I try not to pre-judge athletes in domestic situations-- I separated from my wife back in Dec. 2003 and then was officially divorced in July, 2004. Since then, an almost daily hell, worse than the strange trip that was our marriage.

Then yesterday, out of the blue, despite never, as in not once, missing sending money, not one penny, to the state for my children, I receive a letter saying I'm almost $ 10,000 behind in payments. I have often gone over and beyond, financially, for my children who are my life, so many times I can't keep count, which I only share to make a point in a moment. I believe my truth-challenged ex-wife might even vouch for me on my dependable nature in doing the right thing.

Now if I were well known or famous like an athlete you know such a story would be big news immediately and then the world would see a painting of me as a deadbeat, loser father and human being.

So back into the game I go. I get to roll up my sleeves yet again (the end of the marriage never stops the bloodletting with the legal system or an acrimonious ex-spouse) and prove my claims as I am, again, guilty until proven innocent.

I hope I remember to wait a brief period of time before commenting when domestic fallouts involving the sports world hit the news because sometimes, some people's reality is not the world's reality. Some times, facts and logic are missing.

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