Saturday, May 19, 2007

Saturday Score

Ah, injuries. How they wreck the best of plans. Denver tight end Tony Scheffler has broken his foot. O.K., so maybe it's not a season-ending setback but it is something that will have to be monitored. Scheffler is a bright receiving talent who needs healthy wheels to push off on and get away from linebackers and safeties. A bum foot, not good. Quarterback Jay Cutler just lost one of his wing men. Love new addition Dan Graham but without a healthy Scheffler, the offense will not have the diversity it needs to bounce back from a disappointing season.

So CU fans, the red neighbors to the east just scored "6" with their verbal commitment from maybe the top quarterback prospect in the land, this on the heels of snagging Arizona State transfer Sam Keller. Difficult to imagine Bob Devaney and Tom Osborne's Husker program is now all about the passing game. Of course, Oklahoma also showed change in philosophy works. Buffs coach Dan Hawkins better keep recruiting hard for pass rushers or his team is going to get picked apart to the bone.

The tide is changing
up Boulder way. You can just feel it. Basketball is about to matter. With new coach Jeff Bzdelik and his driven band of fundamental drill sergeants the Buffs are about to get good. Throw in some more talent and Bzdelik should be able to recruit to the Flatirons and you have the makings of a postseason program.

When should preps sign on the dotted line to play for their school? Read to the end and count me in with Joe Glenn. Recruiting has become such show and it's ugly and slimy. Take away the showing off by the players and the positioning and let kids decide what program, what school best fits them and then be an adult and sign off without all the "look at me, look at me, everyone's chasing me, aren't you lovin' it" garbage.

Sweeping the Nation

Notice, ex-Celtics' great Kevin McHale didn't say he never smoked marijuana, only that he didn't enjoy the herb with John Mellencamp and Larry Bird, which is quite a visual I might add. Of course, what else is he going to say. Mellencamp likely got chewed by McHale and Bird on this one. Of course, even if the three shared some smoke, as illegal as it is, they wouldn't be the first entertainers to partake.

Love this! Florida Gators basketball coach Billy Donovan is ready to set down financial roots in Gainesville. Yes, the guy recently rebuffed Kentucky but then was strongly linked to a pro job. So remember this -- the contract extension coming, for seven years, means little. If the Knicks or another plum job were to come Donovan's way, he will be on a big ol' jet airliner. Don't get me wrong, I love Donovan but dude is not going to be a UF lifer.

The Cavaliers are good and building towards great. Detroit takes them apart in the Eastern Conference Finals, nonetheless. Place your bets.

The Suns will be mad all summer and into the fall. Life can suck, what can you say. The Spurs now just have to mess with Utah for a while before meeting the Pistons in the finals.

Former Bronco flash Clinton Portis is breaking down, which is sad, because his talent is electric. Personally, miss him dearly in a Denver uniform, as the man was one serious home-run threat. Of course, that cat named Champ Bailey has been more than special, hasn't he?

Another former Bronco, Sammie Smith, showing down doesn't have to mean always down and out for good. Good story of redemption. Huge bust as a player and a human who has learned from his past of indiscretion and lawbreaking.

Here is one of the best pieces I've seen on hot baseball starts that don't last and why. Check it out. Brief, but "money."

Scouting talent is not an easy job and even the experts have no idea what they are talking about oftentimes. Sometimes, they see big flaws and still pick that player. Take a look at these comments and see that Roger Clemens and Randy Johnson, two of the best pitchers ever, were seriously doubted, that Alex Rodriguez and Ken Griffey Jr. never were and that Barry Bonds has always been a head case.

Hey, Jason Whitlock is an excellent thinker and writer but he's dead wrong on Barry Bonds here. White people, black people, whoever people can think what they want. This is not a racial issue. It is, instead, a failure to do the right thing and then the lyin' and denyin' act, with a big dollop of his typical arrogance and condescension on top that has people upset. There, I feel better.

Good for him, getting Carrie Underwood but is it just me or is Dallas quarterback Tony Romo all Hollywood. Every story about him shows the dude is all about getting out, living and playing, soaking up his celebrity and something tells me football (I know it's the offseason) is just a vehicle for fun. Romo, it says here, will be out of a job as Cowboys' QB by 2009, if not sooner.

Best wishes to the good Doctor
, who has done a lot for the game, giving far more to basketball then he's taken.

Scoreboard Grumblings

The Rockies? Not good. Bad. Starter Jeff Francis was outstanding over seven innings (one run allowed) but Manny Corpas, a talented reliever, stunk (four runs given up while recording only one out). This team is awful offensively and when the best two hitters, Matt Holliday and Todd Helton, are slumping, you have no chance. Nice that the franchise keeps collecting revenue while doing nothing. Hey, let's just accept a 90-loss season. Wonder if that goes over in Boston or New York?

Random Ramblings

So educate me, please. Can you really demand an apology from the Pope? Is that permissible? I think I love my stones but I'm not sure if they are, shhhh, that big. I realize he's just a man but he's not just a man, you know? This story is so not a story but pride is a funny thing.

Sorry, but I can't stop laughing at this piece of trash story. I'm sure Keith Olbermann loved this news coming out. Who knows if any of this is real or a big show but that girl is funny, playing with Olby and Neil Cavuto (Neal Cavuto?). Hahaha!

Cal Ripken's consecutive-games streak? Impressive. But this guy right here, this Paul Harvey, come on now, he's the man! Can't touch this! Amazing talent and tireless worker.

Here's some dreck that made the New York Times, if you can believe it. Seems, all you single men out there, that you are, well, not cool in the eyes of many women. Perfect career women everywhere and you just are not appetizing for their tastes. Sorry, someone has to be the bearer of bad news.

Head's Up

New link for those with the basketball jones. This will also be able to found on the HotLinks in the left-hand margin of this page. This same site has CSU's Jason Smith pegged to become a future teammate of Gilbert Arenas and Antawn Jamison.

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