Thursday, May 17, 2007

Opportunity for Broncos, Rockies, Nuggets

Yes, the Broncos drafted defensive ends Jarvis Moss, who they hope will be the next Jason Taylor, and Tim Crowder, who they pray won't end up being nothing more than a backup but that is still not likely to be enough to generate a fearsome pass rush. What would help significantly as has been written here before is trading for disgruntled Bear quarterback hunter Alex Brown.

Brown may not be Bruce Smith but adding him to the mix of Moss and Crowder and the Denver holdovers gives the team upgraded talent and fresh players to turn up and keep the heat on opposing passers.

Brown is worth a third-round pick. The question is will Chicago sell at that price.

If the Broncos are still lusting for a large, squatty man in the middle then here's a guy who might come to town if you sweet talk him -- with a large amount of money and snacks. Of course, that works with me too.

We all know it -- the Rockies are not going to all of a sudden start playing .600 ball. The organization owes it to the fans to not sit idly by like they have Alzheimers. Yes, patience is a virtue and often pays greater dividends than forcing the action but this season is not yet a lost cause and likely only needs a bold move to jump-start the engine.

How about eating some salary yet again and dishing Todd Helton and a mid-level prospect (to sweeten the pot as Rick Pitino once said) to another team to make room for Joe Koshanksky at first base. In return for dealing Slappy Helton (catch him in the next Adam Sandler movie), Colorado should demand and receive either a no. 2 starter or big stick.

Look here for potential suitors -- Carlos Delgado looks horrible now for the Mets so maybe New York is a possibility for Helton. Nomar Garciaparra is awful in L.A. and the Dodgers are loaded with talented arms in the minor leagues. The Angels, Indians and Tigers also have black holes at first base.

Everyone is window shopping these days. Writers in Chicago want the White Sox to purchase Alex Rodriguez and those out west want A-Rod for the Angels. If the Rockies want to make up with their fans they'd admit they were wrong for their approach to winning, say sorry and then do the equivalent of a Kobe Bryant mega-diamond to his wife for cheating on her by bringing the Latin hammer to Denver.

The more I think about it, the more I like the ridiculous Kenyon Martin-for-Ron Artest trade rumors involving the Nuggets and Kings. While I still don't see any team taking on the broken body of Martin for much, if the deal could be made, do it. Then express Artest to Seattle for sharpshooting Ray Allen or Phoenix for Leandro Barbosa. Won't try to figure out the great riddle of the money match. That's why we have the financial minds on staff.

The more I see, the more I think I'm falling in love. Curtis Cunningham of Columbine busts up offensive players in the fall and crushes baseballs in the spring. The guy makes so much look easy. Probably is the best dancer in his school too. CU's Dan Hawkins and CSU's Sonny Lubick need to make a pact not to let this guy get out of state.

Sweeping the Nation

The Phoenix Suns let one get away against the Spurs Wednesday and with it, their season will soon end. This, I shared, was the deciding game in this series. Of course, I wrote that before the suspensions that cost the Suns Amare Stoudemire and Boris Diaw. San Antonio won't lose two straight. They could, but they won't. Another disappointing season for the Suns. At least they can go cry with the Mavs now, who know how it feels, getting dumped by the Spurs.

The New Jersey Nets, still down 3-2 to Cleveland in their series, are not done yet. The Cavs, it says here, should not blow this series but the maturity question is still unanswered. No surprise if the Nets win three-straight games to take Cleveland down.

Did I hear that right -- LeBron James is expecting his second child with his girlfriend? If the man can't commit after two kids, I think it's a done deal, Girl. Of course, she's gettin' paid so I guess it's all good. And the Cavs, even if James is an Ohio boy, might prepare themselves for the superstar to split town when his contract expires. The man and the word commitment don't know each other.

Count me as a Braylon Edwards' fan. The Browns wide receiver, get this, pledged $ 1 million to area high schools for scholarships. That works for me. I usually laugh when players give money because the amounts reported are the equivalent of me tossing a dime into the hat but Edwards' generosity speaks volumes about his heart.

Could Jason Kidd, long rumored to be on the move to L.A., end up a Laker yet? Seems someone wonders if Magic Johnson is scouting the Nets distributor. Come on now, Magic doesn't need to scout Kidd. Only a fool wonders if rebounding, passing whiz can fit in with the Lakers. Every playgroup needs someone who shares as an example for others.

Here's why, even with his top talent, Lastings Milledge has been trade bait since last season -- his skills rock the boat but his head is a box of rocks. The Mets would be wise to leave him on someone's doorstep and run. After getting something in return, of course, from some unsuspecting sucker.

The poor, poor Bonds' family. Now the younger brother of star Barry is ranting against the injustice of Hank Aaron not wanting anything to do with a record-breaking ceremony. Maybe that's because Aaron doesn't want to condone cheating. Guess he's funny that way, you know? As for the Bonds' clan, like I say, many people in this life live their own reality, not the world's. Barry and little brother Bobby, Jr. just don't get it. People would love to celebrate the rare skills of the future home-run king but him being dirty and Pete Rose-style arrogant and in denial takes the luster off of that desire to party. So fill up the boat with pity now, wanting the love you always refused before and realize you brought this upon yourselves.

Cole Hamels, Philadelphia Phillies, Future Hall of Famer. Book it. Or so this might indicate.

Heard Tiger Woods was mistaken for Michael Jordan on the golf course the other day. And people wonder why black athletes shake their heads at fans. Isn't Jordan 6-foot-6, isn't his face entirely different than Woods, doesn't MJ smoke cigars, isn't Woods more a better golfer, more articulate?

Scoreboard Grumblings

Aaron Cook gave a B-game performance, which is a step up from what he has been doing, and it was good enough to lead Colorado past Brandon Webb and Arizona, 5-3. Outfielder Brad Hawpe, a puzzling hitter every season, blasted a pair of homers and drove in four in the victory. That slacker, Todd Helton, struck out twice. The bullpen blanked the Diamondbacks over three innings but they might be because it was Ramon Ramirez, Manny Corpas and Brian Fuentes in the game and not fire starters that populate the rest of the bullpen.

Random Ramblings

Nothing like over-reacting. No, we're not talking about me. We're talking THIS ARTICLE. Who knows, maybe the sky is falling. Hey, I do care about the environment but this shot seems like a clanker. Of course, I might be too arrogant for my own good.

For those with children -- the internet playground we know can be dangerous and especially when there is no caring supervision from those who's land the playground rests.

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