Thursday, May 3, 2007

Nuggets punches; Holliday talk

She done sang.

You heard it too, didn't you?

Them Nuggets -- done.

After competing hard for four games they just showed up flat and got kicked out of the playoffs by San Antonio, 93-78, in Game 5 of the team's series.

Once again, Denver's backcourt was atrocious defensively (offseason reclamation project numero uno) as Michael Finley and Tony Parker combined for 42 points, seven rebounds and 11 assists. And, of course, Tim Duncan got his with 23 points and 12 boards.

The Nuggets shot a pitiful 38 percent from the floor, with Allen Iverson (6-for-22) and Carmelo Anthony (8-for-20) clanking the worst. Marcus Camby did rope 19 boards and blocked five shots but it wasn't enough.

Bottom line from WSN, this team won't be markedly better next year, even if Kenyon Martin comes back as Superman. Honestly, a difficult personal season for coach George Karl, both with his team and his son's cancer, his own health issues, suspensions, injuries, well, wow, it never ended. That said, Karl didn't really have his team's ear. And Denver needs defensive help in the backcourt and more accountability in that area everywhere.

How to accomplish that is the great riddle that needs to be solved.

Colorado brew about to go bad

We all can see how the Rockies, despite some talent, haven't put it together and look to be another summer slug but what can't be said enough is this -- Matt Holliday, once a struggling minor leaguer who couldn't hit for either average or power, is one of the game's better hitters and likely soon-to-be an ex-Colorado player.

One thing that is money in the bank is that Rockies' management, with that huge thorn in its' foot over the Todd Helton mega-contract blowing up in its' face is the reality the organization will not be too interested in stacking up piles of money for Holliday over an extended period of time, possibly repeating a mistake.

Colorado is still dealing with that pain and the guess here is that unless Holliday is on course to win a batting title, hit 40 homers and drive in 130 runs that it will entertain trade offers for him during the season.

General manager Dan O'Dowd, however, cannot take less quality than he will give up in return. Otherwise, he will be vilified in the media, rightly so, and will, despite his contract extension, be on borrowed time.

A player of Holliday's caliber must bring a no. 1 starter back this way or two solid, established hitters or at very least, a pair of elite prospects.

No selling him off as pre-foreclosure property.


Been said, I hear, that I'm negative. Check out this outside voice, on the Broncos' draft. Warning -- not pretty. Must be 18 to view (bottom of page).

Coloradoan in another 2008 draft list, the highest I've seen him projected to go yet. Presenting Miami Hurricane defensive end Calais Campbell.

Maybe you've seen this CU fans, maybe not...road trippin' your way.

National Notes

Barry Bonds hit career home run no. 743. Is it wrong to feel so sick that he's going to pass Hank Aaron, a real man, someone who had to go through so much and did so, with dignity on the verge of losing a hallowed record to a chump on par with Ty Cobb? Bonds will hold the record one day, no doubt, at least until Alex Rodriguez erases it but that doesn't mean many have to like it or celebrate the feat. Prediction -- watch Bonds' personality warm with age, trying to say it was just business, working us all in Bonds, Act II.

Who's more overexposed as an owner -- George Steinbrenner of the Yankees or Mark Cuban of the Mavericks? Who's more obnoxious? Of course, anytime those men want to buy a Colorado professional franchise, any of them, I'll repent.

A scathing column on the cover-up in St. Louis regarding deceased Cardinals' pitcher Josh Hancock. If true, what's new? People of influence and power always get passes. Now, we hear the police in incident no. 1 didn't know who he was so Hancock didn't get guided around the system but really, what else are the police going to say -- that they let a drunk driver go and then he kills himself when he also could have done the same to someone else?

How juicy is this story -- a sports anchor getting groupies in the form of others in the media. Just one thing -- this sort of thing usually causes problems for your wife. Here's the bold chick's pic.

The man
is 69 years old. 69. What is he doing? Been running with Denver Broncos' draft choices?

What a creative it. The aesthetics are great and I imagine, as a spectator, it had to be interesting. The players having different adjustments, I'm sure, was challenging.

Random Ramblings

A forecast to remember.

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