Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bonus Thursday Post

Let's be honest with one another, o.k.? Michael Vick, for all his poor choices, is not going to jail. He will be suspended, eventually, for say, half a season and maybe more depending on how his court case goes but Vick is too famous, too rich, too much of an entertainer to go to the joint.

Skip Prosser's death while jogging a tough pill to take for Wake Forest and its' basketball program. The Demon Deacons will be an emotional mess this season because its' coach was reportedly well respected and liked.

The Army, like the police, protects its' own at all costs, morals and values be damned. So news that a retired three-star general might get demoted for issuing misleading information, aka a lie, in the death of former Arizona Cardinals player and Army Ranger Pat Tillman is jaw dropping shocking. This shows what a story that gets outed, picks up momentum in the media and turns into a forest fire can produce, on occasion -- justice.

Broadcaster Bob Costas takes the high road in response to Barry Bonds calling him a "midget man" while also questioning his knowledge of baseball. Costas only further shamed Bonds with that classy move. Of course, the question that should be asked is can you shame the shameless?

Mike Piazza was hit in the head with a half-full water bottle on an accurate throw from a fan. That fan was either smart or lucky that he didn't hit someone like Elijah Dukes or Kenny Rogers or a villain from the past -- Albert Belle. Piazza merely plans to file charges. Those other dudes would have literally killed the perpetrator.

A Villanova co-ed has declined to press charges against three incoming football players she says raped her. Take from that what you will but the strong probability is that this demands a hard investigation regarding intimidation or fear of the legal system shredding the girl's soul.

That said, the former prosecutor in the famed Duke rape scandal has admitted more in the event that rocked the school, community and earned national attention. Mike Nifong says there was no credible evidence against the three lacrosse players who's lives where turned upside down, inside out and trashed. Said it before -- Nifong deserves the prison sentence the players would have received if convicted. Contrary to popular belief, the justice system does have an element of being corrupt and abusing its' power and all parties exposed in it should be punished as any other liar and arrogant, Felonious Frank.

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