Monday, July 16, 2007

No need for Foppa; campfire talk

Woody Paige loves Peter Forsberg.

So much so that he wants "Foppa" back for an encore.

Sweet, isn't it?

Thing is Forsberg ain't Forsberg anymore.

Yes, it would be all romantic and such to have St. Pete back to finish his career and lead a good but not great Avalanche team but I'd prefer to remember Forsberg for how he was, not how he is, and go with other talent.

Paige is sentimental. So am I. This just is more love than reason on his part.

Indian tale

The legend of Von Wafer is growing.

By fall, he'll be considered a future All Star.

The free-agent sharpshooter has been lauded by the Nuggets as the answer to its' backcourt shooting woes and then made the organization look good by torching the summer league but as we all know those heroes are often kickin' it at the end of the bench or pumping gas come the regular season.

Wafer is not the next Ray Allen but if he can stick it better than the bricklayers Denver has employed recently while still playing a modicum of defense, then sign me up as impressed.

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