Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Cutler love; Chiefs denial; Buffs look

Hear the shrieks of love for Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler?

Those aren't just are the voices of girls, they're of grown men and media alike.

And the guy hasn't even done much yet.

Imagine if he, you know, plays well over the course of a season or gasp, wins a playoff game.

He'll own the town, become mayor, governor and have his statue outside Invesco Field.

The WSN loves his physical talents, think the kid is smart as a whip, driven and possessing winning intangibles, which include leadership but is far from anointing him the chosen one.

There are still oddities to his game too -- like a strange throwing motion, locking into receivers, limited mobility in a day when defenders are bigger, faster and meaner than ever, and a strangely stiff presence in the pocket.

Cutler has potential, like Ashley Lelie or Tatum Bell had a high ceiling, but we're just not ready to clear the shelf for MVP and Super Bowl trophies yet.

Deja Vu in BBQ country

Pity the Kansas City fans, just like the Broncos fans before them. Seems the followers of the Chiefs are having a difficult time realizing tailback supreme Priest Holmes has already left the building just as Denver had trouble accepting Terrell Davis' wrecked knee meant his playing future was in the rear-view mirror.

Of course, Kansas City has little reason to cry. Having Larry Johnson replace Holmes is like a wealthy dude wrecking the luxury car and being able to drive another one out of the garage the next day.

Holmes was an unbelievably productive player who's time regrettably was up too soon due to too many fender benders but that's the life as a running back in the NFL. Johnson, if he can remain healthy and pleased financially, could easily carry the Chiefs running load at a high level for a few more years.


Looked at the CU football schedule and tried to break it down by worst and best case scenario. Obviously, the Buffs could, theoretically, lose all their games but if they couldn't do that last season it certainly won't happen in 2007. But the number arrived at for this exercise wasn't as high as the fanatics (check the definition) dream of at night.

The best case formula was 4 wins, which, before you go rageaholic, is still improvement for a program coming off two successes in 2006 with questions still dotting the team like measles. Coach Dan Hawkins isn't being commanded to win this season anyway. If he fails in 2008, then there is going to be a certain faction of fans verbally rioting and planning a coup.
* The victories

Miami, Oh., Baylor, Kansas and Iowa State
---KU and ISU will not come easy.

* The losses

CSU, ASU, FSU, OU, K-State, Texas Tech, Mizzou and Nebraska.
---The Rams are more experienced, the rest are simply better.

Allen Iverson and his bodyguard got plugged for $ 260,000 Monday after a jury sided, sort of, with Marlin Godfrey's claim Iverson's entourage pulped him when Godfrey refused to vacate a part of a bar that was VIP'd for A.I. Yes, Godfrey was trying to win the lottery against the Bank of Iverson but that A.I. got off relatively cheap for the thugging by his bodyguard shows again money talks and the rest of the world is left slack jawed at the power of it all.

Bears linebacker stud Brian Urlacher is in the news for agitating the mother of his child. Seems Urlacher made a very rookie mistake in sexing a stripper, and we all know what a noble profession stripping is and what the objective is for all the "nice" girls in it. The Bears cruncher would have been better served asking first, before sacking her, how much she wanted for the next 18-22 years.

Rickey Henderson wants to come back and play Major League Baseball. Who's next, Satchell Paige? Oh, scratch that, he's dead. Rickey might as well be. Dude's game was one I admired when I and he played and let's just say that wasn't just yesterday.

Hearing Kevin Garnett now wants to stay in Minnesota. Really? Guessing the truth is he is frustrated with a deal getting done to send him someplace desirable so he has decided to ball hard until some point in the season when he hopes there is a more favorable and likely relocation scenario.

Al Franken disciple

I see Barry Bonds is taking heat for not participating in the All Star home run contest in his home park. Since when did Bonds ever care about anything not Bonds? Face it, Bonds "homered" his way into the game, getting preferential treatment as always, as all divas expect, demand and receive. And because he wishes to prove himself worthy -- to himself, of course -- he likely is skipping the mad bomber contest to save his energy and long ball attempts for the game.

The WSN truly believes there is some Michael Jordan in Bonds in the way that he motivates himself from criticism.

In the courts

Thought we lived in a country where we didn't believe in cruel and unusual punishment? Sounds like Fresno State got done by the courts just that way. If the school did lie (imagine that) in its' stated reason for the dismissal of the volleyball coach, shame on it but if there was evidence to the contrary, then this is, as usual, corrupt power on the bench. And it ain't even Iraq.

Rub your eyes

Monumental Nuggets bust Nikoloz Tskitishvili is back in Denver, at least on the summer league roster, and his game still seems lost.

He continues to shoot from Colorado Springs city limits even though his perimeter game resembles that of Ben Wallace. He doesn't rebound and has little court awareness. All of which could have been the scouting report on me back in the day. One difference -- I'm not 7-feet tall.

Self indulgence

Not sports related but anytime a politician or person in the public eye who's hand has been caught in the cookie jar on anything can sac up and take responsibility and accountability, no matter the consequences, well, that deserves a salute. Maybe not always forgiveness but a salute for doing the right thing, especially for a leader.

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