Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Throw Bonds from the train; cancer victory

Kimberly Bell (pictured), the former mistress of Barry Bonds, scored the biggest hit of her life with a Playboy interview and pictorial. She bashes Bonds in it, which is such a sweetheart thing to do, even if he is rogue, to someone she'd be nothing without. She wasn't complaining about him when he was with her for 10 years but now, after all that special attention and gifts, he is worthy, in her mind, as is typical in breakups for women, an all-out assault. For athletes and rich, powerful men, every woman should come with a Surgeon General's warning label. Not all of them prove cancerous but everyone of them has that potential of being financial and emotional dynamite.

Jon Lester, Boston's young left-hander is better known for being a cancer survivor but his rebounding to return to the major leagues and pitch and pitch well Monday is more than inspiring, it is amazing that he could look so good so early after returning to the game. Stories like Lester or Lance Armstrong are ones that get a national stage and hopefully show all of us that cancer doesn't have to be a death sentence. Yes, the wealthy can get superior care and don't have to worry about going bankrupt but victory over death is the point.

Michael Vick gets kicked out of training camp by the NFL while it does some digging on his dog fighting involvement exploits. This is not, um, how do we say this, going to end well. The Atlanta Falcons quarterback has to be made an example of by the league or risk a revolt when other players go loco. Vick will be hammered shortly. The players' union will protest. The league will win.

It's Wednesday. Do you know where Lindsay Lohan is? Adult or not, her parents need to leash that girl before she ends up dead or before she kills someone else. Lohan needs to learn the party doesn't always have to start with her.

Roger Clemens, victory no. 351. Funny, how all I heard was that The Rocket was just a middle-of-the-rotation pitcher at age 44. Dude is not invincible but he is not just another guy on the street corner either. He is still a quality arm, a no. 2 pitcher at worst who is capable of dominating a game any day. Forget calling him The Rocket. He's The Legend.

Greg Maddux lost an opportunity for victory no. 341 but 350 will be achieved and that, for a smallish, control pitcher is something else. He has to be one of the smartest, most aloof pitchers of all time.

Spotted: Sergio Garcia and Tim Donaghy having drinks, discussing going into hiding for a few weeks.

Colorado Warrior

CSU linebacker Ricky Brewer has been forecast to be the Mountain West Conference freshman of the year. Maybe Brewer is the next big thing on defense in Fort Collins. The Rams need another star to develop on that side of the ball. Brewer was a big pickup in recruiting for coach Sonny Lubick and if the hitter is focused and healthy he could prove to be as good as advertised.

Lubick also is hot for senior defensive end Jessie Nading and honestly, Lubick does need to be pumping him up as CSU could change their season dramatically with a little defense. The coaching staff is beggin' Nading to be special. Health and defense will be the biggest factor for this team in 2007.

Rams safety Zach Donaldson, son of the former Buff, Jeff, is impressing and with Klint Kubiak hurting, could see the field early. Donaldson is similar to Brewer in that he was a top-level CSU recruit, even if a lower-level everyone else recruit, who could pop big in Fort Collins.

Carmelo Anthony is professing "no more drama" in a Marc Spears interview in the Denver Post. Let's just say, as much as we love Melo that we're taking a wait and wait and wait and see attitude on that one. The Nuggets have talent, no doubt amigos, but the injury curse on that franchise and questionable chemistry are potential land mines.

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