Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Billups in limbo; Sakic confident; who's gay

Pretend to be shocked for this "surprise," will you? Come on, just play along when you hear the news that Chauncey Billups big foray into the free agent market ended up with him staying in Detroit with the Pistons for heavy lettuce. Good for him, that's where he is respected and loved and where his zenith took place. You don't ditch something like that for the abyss of the great unknown.

By the way, Billups' agent says the news above is a "vicious rumor." Whatever! Billups will be a Piston. That is just stupid agent crap to shake some more money from the tree.

Joe Sakic is feeeeeeling goooood these days, thinking out loud that the Avalanche can compete for the Stanley Cup again. If I felt I knew more about hockey I'd completely disagree but I'll stop short of writing that today, saying only that Colorado has improved itself and should be better defensively and thus, more consistently competitive.

Barry Bonds, home run number 751. Just a matter of time before Public Enemy no. 1 breaks Hammerin' Hank Aaron's career mark. Celebrate now. For years after, Bonds will be treated like Pete Rose. Watch. Ironically, what is interesting about Bonds is this -- without the aid of who knows what substances he used in his body, I still think he would be first in homers amongst active players. And isn't it surprising that if he was a user that he never was chronically hurt like Mark McGwire or a early flame-out like Jose Canseco?

Hey, Terrell Owens, I thought one-time teammate and quarterback Jeff Garcia was flaming gay as say, Richard Simmons? Hate to be a defense attorney but this, right here, doesn't look gay to me. I think if Garcia is supposed to be gay then he didn't get the manual as to the rules. And if that's being gay, then sign me up the hell up today.

And for the politically correct posse out there -- be cool. It's a joke. Poking fun at Owens, not you. There are far greater offenses in this world.

No, there's no good-old boy network in sports. P.J. "Freakin'" Carlesimo just got hired by the Seattle SuperSonics -- that's the progressive nature of the NBA for you. Forget young blood. Let's just be real conservative, find an ancient white man. Sure that will excite the ticket-buying public. No wonder Rashard Lewis fled the coop and why Ray Allen was stoked to be in Boston. Bet rookie Kevin Durant is ready to suit it up, score 30 and suck. Guess Del Harris, Gene Shue and James Naismith weren't available.

Rockies Rap

Tell me again why Colorado outfielder Ryan Spilborghs was sent to the minors to begin the season while washed up John Mabry was kept around to do nothing? No, really, Rockies, we're listening. Don't be shy now. Speak up, you have the floor.

And just like Brandi Griffin of Purple Row told us, Garrett Atkins was going to heat up and likely produce big, especially in the second half of the season. O.K., the All Star game hasn't hit yet but Atkins is finally looking like the real thing again. As sickening as his bat has been he could still push 100 RBI in 2007. Not bad for a down year.

The truth is Rockies reliever Brian Fuentes isn't the hack he has looked like lately, blowing saves left and right. He simply fell out of that comfortable groove. He is still a talented arm who will be back. Manny Corpas is the guy to watch. He may not have the goods to close but he should be tested to see if he can surprise.

Do the right thing

Derek Fisher is leaving the NBA, at least temporarily, to care for his infant daughter with cancer.

It's easy to leave work when you're fat loaded, don't have a mortgage or other big financial burdens but that Fisher isn't trying to juggle basketball and family, especially when he is getting older, with limited time left in the Association, earns an ovation and salute from this space. Highly admirable, Fish. You're definitely manning up.

Happy Birthday

Former Rockies fastball-crushing beast Vinny Castilla turns 40 today, George Steinbrenner, who should buy the Rockies after selling the Yankees, just to show he can win here, is 77, former Broncos running back legend Floyd Little turns 55 and Raiders owner Al Davis is 78.

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