Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday getaway

Marcus Allen scored touchdowns with great regularity. That made him special. He was, however, not a great back. He, however, was loved for his, um, gifts by former O.J. Simpson honey and now corpse Nicole Brown Simpson (til' death do us part). Allen still believes he's got All Pro game but maybe he should realize his behavior he doesn't and he has some similarities to his former friend, the Juice.

More strange for you -- can't help myself, Kim Kardashian (pictured) is just wonderfully sexy but she ruins it all by also being SAD (stupid, arrogant and dangerous). I thought only men were so clueless about etiquette and judgment. This action deserved a Cat fight-tough woman-all-out brawl with profanity. To show up some place so inappropriately should be worthy of getting whacked or at least, getting your ass whupped!

Wonder if new NFL commissioner Roger Goodell knew he would be part administrator, part warden when he succeeded Paul Tagliabue. Yet, still it seems as if he is scaring anyone straight by tossing them into the hole. Maybe the deviants are too dumb to be frightened.

Colorado Warrior

Keep up, will you! Denver Post columnist Mark Kiszla asks if Broncos pass catcher Rod Smith is done. We've been over this, haven't we? Smith is toast, cooked, over. That body is wrecked. Great production, strong leader, respected, tremendous success story but the final lines of the final chapter are being written as we speak.

CU defensive back Terrence Wheatley has been named to the preseason watch list for the Jim Thorpe Award given to the nation's best defensive back (see Deon Figures and Chris Hudson). Wheatley won't win it because the guys in front of him aren't good enough to make him look brilliant but T-Wheat is about character, resolve and playmaking. He's someone to respect and admire for sticking it out and overcoming injury to excel. He's not as big as Figures or as talented as Hudson but at OU or UT he would be a future high draft pick. As a Buff, he will be good, just not an award winner.


Former Nugget Mack Calvin is 59, former Bronco Haven Moses turns 61 and former Rockies outfielder Tom Goodwin is 39.

Final Salvo

No Saturday or Sunday post this weekend. Look for a Monday shot.

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