Sunday, July 22, 2007

WSN Big Bang Sunday Truth

Sergio Garcia has the setup but can he keep his cool and ride it to victory at the British Open. History says it's a tossup with him. Yes, he's played at a high level at Carnoustie and has a three-shot lead over Steve Stricker and yes, Tiger Woods is far back in the rear-view mirror but there is this undercurrent that this famed tournament is not over, that Garcia will be challenged. That said, not only does he hold the lead he has been the most consistent player through three rounds. The question will be can he handle Stricker, Woods or another rushing him hard on Sunday?

Should Michael Vick be suspended for his Big Daddy dog-fighting involvement? PETA and others certainly see precedent for doing just that after the Pac Man Jones soap NFL jailing for conduct unbecoming a pro football player in commissioner Roger Goodell's kingdom. If a player's union couldn't stop Jones from getting pinched, Vick could also get detention. Jones was a stellar player but the Falcons marketing centerpiece going down would be even more huge, getting players' attention in every city, more so for the position he plays than his mega-watt name. Does the NFL have the guts to do the right thing? The WSN believes the league is thinking about it seriously. It just doesn't want the public telling it what to do. The NFL wants it to be its' own idea so it can look like it is running the asylum of bad actors in its' game.

Pity Virginia Tech. Hasn't that school suffered enough? The killing field that school became after the mass execution by some disenfranchised freak without an off button, Vick's association with the football program and his brother, Marcus' equally atrocious behavior while on campus. Proud family, those Vick's. The Hokies paid the price for recruiting those wonderful talents.

Lance Armstrong is widely respected, not only for being a dominant bicycling champion but for his victory over cancer. The man could live in the light of celebrity for the rest of his life and do nothing but collect paychecks but he has instead decided to take the clout he carries to government, asking, selling, pleading with presidential candidates that cancer research becomes as big a priority in this country as "war or terror or taxes." You don't do what he has done in life without being bold and determined. He will be taken more seriously than entertainers because of his story that people can relate to.

NBA referees playing with point spreads? How does that happen? Really, how does that happen? Wouldn't his co-workers or the Association see a pattern of highly deviant calls that would have an official called into the league office, and quickly, and likely reprimanded harshly? That it has taken this long to unearth or prove is shocking, embarrassing and inexcusable. Some heads at the top are going to be roll, in time, over this one. Hey, why don't we just let the players call their own fouls?

There it is, plain to see, for all, a chink in the armor of the Super Bowl champion Indianapolis Colts. With left tackle Tarik Glenn's abrupt retirement decision, the Colts have a big hole in the ship. You don't replace a talented, proven player like Glenn at a premium position and not feel the effects. It's not like you can go to Lowes or Home Depot and just slap down the credit card for a quality tackle. Peyton Manning and all the Colts players and officials will be stalking Glenn, trying to get him to reconsider, you can take it to the bank.

Steroids in the mail

A letter from Dan who comments on the WSN assertion that golfers are not using steroids, at least not in great number.
"Now it is time for quick correction. One of my closest friends was an Olympic caliber shot putter that was put on a steroid program by the US Olympic Training Program in the early '80s. He has taught me much about steroids as have other athletes over the years.

"You media types are making a big mistake when assuming that only the "big" guys use steroids. I have a friend that was prescribed low doses for depression and another that uses low doses to recover more quickly from triathalon workouts. Ever try golfing 6 rounds per week, 40 weeks per year? I'm 100% certain that many golfers are looking for that extra edge in order to hit the ball a bit farther and recover a bit faster from soreness.

"Call your physician and tell him that you'd like to be prescribed a low or medium dose of anabolic steroidal creme. Wait a few weeks to experience the results and then tell me that golfers aren't using steroids.

"My neighbor is the founder/president of KiloSports, a supplement company. He opened my eyes with his discussion of testosterone a few years ago.

"Low-grade supplements reduce estrogen counts in a man and stimulate testosterone. Low levels of anabolics do the same. He believes that low levels of testosterone cause: depression, decreased sex drive, weight gain, inflammation, mood swings, and joint pain. Small doses of anabolic steroids could stimulate testosterone levels and simply take an older guy with naturally low levels back to his levels in his 20's.

"Nothing illegal from a dosage standpoint, simply a small boost. Are golfers using low levels of steroids? Absolutely. Are they abusing them and achieving testosterone levels that would be illegal in a testing environment? I doubt it.

"I am absolutely stunned how poorly informed the media and general public are when it comes to steroids."
WSN: Dan, consider me corrected that steroids could help heal but the golfing demographic does not seem, at least to these eyes, the type to take steroids with the stigma attached to them and if they are doing so I would assume they are doing so very rarely.

Colorado Warrior

Piggin' out

Lendale White, aka Rashaan Salaam, is likely more Ron Dayne than a Larry Johnson tackle buster and elite back. White played behind a dominating line at USC with other great skill players which allowed his talent to look more pro caliber than it is. White also has the same off-the-field type, um, how do we say this -- career crippling issues that the former CU Heisman Trophy winner had. Maybe LC is not Up in Smoke as Salaam but his attitude, which goes all the way back to his prep days, is red-light flashing "questionable."

Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler is going to win games if the key pieces he needs (offensive line, running back) are put around him and if he can remain healthy. Read Mike Klis' story on Cutler in the Denver Post today and see that Cutler has the family support system behind him to be successful. Rod Smith reminds Broncos fans that Cutler is going to look horrible on some days, that all players endure that, even Saint Elway and he's right but Cutler should eventually iron out those lows. And the guess here is that the Santa Claus, Ind. (an outpost like Kiln, Miss.) native won't be caught with his pants down running a dogfighting ring on his way to success.
Why Cutler should eventually succeed

1. He has the necessary size, strength and arm
2. He is smart and composed
3. He has shown, at Vanderbilt, toughness, confidence and daring
4. He is a competitor
Bernard Jackson, deposed CU quarterback, has to have an award named after him at CU. The man, despite the doubts on his ability to master a position often being questioned, is one of the best acts of being a teammate I've heard of. All last season through today he is constantly showing himself malleable and eager to please and contribute in any way. His talent has never been questioned. The perfect fit has. Now, B-Jack is offering to go play defense. The Black and Gold Truth is this -- Jackson would make a great safety but it's too late to expect much out of him at that position now. If he would have played that spot last year, then sometime this season he would have put it all together and become an NFL-caliber playmaker.

Former CSU standout Joey Porter just got tagged for a $ 141,176 fine by the NFL for fighting another pro player at a casino in Vegas. At that price he should have put on gloves and marketed his talent for a bout. Porter is a blockhead but he still has gas left in his tank as a playwrecker of NFL offenses.

Porter's college coach, Sonny Lubick, is 70 and hearing the catcalls -- he's old and should retire. "Garbage," thinks school athletic director Paul Kowalczyk, who sees more run in his coach. Lubick has not forgot how to teach. His recruiting needs to prove itself more, though, for him to roll out another stout team.

Chad Hennings (Air Force) and Bobby Anderson (CU) both new members of the College Football Hall of Fame. Going in with Emmit Smith, Bruce Smith, Bobby Bowden, Mike Rozier and Charlie Ward amongst others is one special party. Hennings was a fluke talent at the Academy, he was so good. Anderson's name is still revered in Boulder.


Anyone thinking the Rockies are going to be much more than a flaky summer companion worth anymore than some good times here and there is inexperienced. This team has some interesting pieces but still is trying to crash a party without the necessary goods to get in. Smoke and mirrors pitching and an offense that strangely takes days off at times make the Rockies a bad date.

Look for Colorado to actively pursue deals at the winter meetings due to a solid roster of positional players and quality minor league prospects. More pop is needed in the lineup and more pitching is needed like this country needs alternative fuel sources.
Trade chips

Seth Smith, OF, Colorado Springs
Joe Koshansky, 1B, Colorado Springs
Christian Colonel, 3B, Tulsa
Future LoDo stars

Ian Stewart, 3B, Colorado Springs

President Bush, fresh out of his colonoscopy. Man, I can hardly wait for that party invitation. There's got to be a better way to save yourself than that, doesn't there? One day, maybe. Think the doctor's office should buy one a drink before that procedure.

Final Salvo

Minka Kelly, WSN cheap use of an attractive face and eyes for the day.

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