Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thursday morning quickie

Jake Plummer insists he's done quarterbacking in the NFL and yet no one believes him. Maybe they should, at least for now. Plummer won't play in 2007 and probably ever again. Let's reveal a dirty little secret right now, open up some classified information on the former Broncos QB, o.k.? Are you ready? The Snake was burned out before getting traded to Tampa Bay. Think about it -- going to play for Jon Gruden, like Mike Shanahan, good with quarterbacks, and a guy who helped Rich Gannon excel, and yet Plummer wanted none of it. Plummer played the game because he was reasonably good at it not because he loved it. No crying because he had to give up the game, like many greats, because he didn't need football to be happy.

David for this cat to be more style than substance in the United States. You can just tell he loves being loved and parading himself and his wife around in Hollywood style. He likes playing Big Shot. His game will suffer.

Golfers on steroids? Come on, now, that hardly seems possible with but a few exceptions. Golfers like to be loose and elastic when playing, not tight and muscle bound. And besides, look at most of those guys. Do any of them remind you of Mark McGwire or Barry "Fat Head" Bonds? This is a non-story no matter how much Gary Player tries to make it one. As Tiger Woods says, being hung over is likely a bigger problem.

Michael Vick is traveling down the Pac Man Jones Highway of self destruction. Don Banks of had quotes detailing Vick's selfishness (ouch) and worse, his extreme lack of intelligence. His supernatural gifts have allowed him to survive but those days might be ending. Vick is still scary on the field but off it, he is pathetic. He is going to pull a Mike Tyson and destroy his career.

The Rockies are hot again but doesn't it seem like they don't even know why when they are going to play well consistently or tank it for a week or two?

Jeff Francis can get lit up on certain days and isn't a no. 1 starter but he has the best stuff of any Rockies starter ever. If only Colorado had two more just like him, what this franchise could be.

Brad Hawpe is a hunk. That's right, he's become a stud. In the past, he was all hot and heavy out of the gate to start the season but then showed no staying power. This season he was into all the foreplay early on and when it got it going he has maintained it. He's legit.

And a comment from Nick over at The Nugg Doctor, on CSU football, talking about the Rams and the Buffs come fall.
"This really isn't about anything included in this post, but I have a feeling... that George Hill, #27 for the CSU Rams, is going to tear up the CU secondary. He is way too fast (4.32 40-time) for the huge DB's of CU to run with and if they try to switch a smaller guy onto him all 200 lbs of Hill will be sure to punish.


WSN: If Hill surprises and shreds the Buffs secondary, Nick will have an immediate job offer to be a college football analyst here because Hill, to this point, has done little in a CSU uniform.

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