Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Junk in the closet

The Chinese are apparently snobs. Seems Yi Jianlian's team of handlers want to block him from playing in Milwaukee, which selected him in last month's NBA draft. Seems the money men for Yi want him to play for the Yankees for the love or in some little China town. Yi and his boys keep acting up like this and they can be officially be adopted and sworn into the ugly American club. What's up with these guys? Are they French?

Ken Griffey Jr.
's resurgence this season has not been his game, which was never MIA, but his health. When the man is not in the shop, he can flat out ball. Now he's passed Frank Robinson on the all-time home run list. Injuries and age are part of the Griffey equation but Jr. is not done yet climbing in the record books. He's a joy to watch.

Curious, what do Greg Oden and Kevin Durant wear to bed, eat for breakfast and how do they get dressed each morning? I think those are the only questions the media is not interested in about those two this summer.

Season ticket sales are up at Colorado and yet there has been no word that beer and hot dog prices have gone down. Yes, the schedule is attractive with Florida State, Oklahoma and Nebraska coming to Boulder but only half-baked fans would come to watch those schools put the pain on the Buffaloes. The majority of butts in the seats will be there because they also believe that CU can compete, at least for a play or two, with those programs.

Just because. Considering that golfers get rattled by everything on the course it makes one wonder how they don't just fold up shop for the day after something like this.

What was that tearing sound? Call the ambulance.

Know Yao Ming is getting married to his long-time honey but why not fellow tree Lisa Leslie? The children could become the New York skyline.

Would you rather see Junior do this?

Maria Sharapova -- disinterested or stoned?

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