Monday, July 9, 2007

Holliday about over

Man, how obvious was it in a local paper Sunday that Rockies bat master Matt Holliday is planning on playing elsewhere soon, as in the next two years. He sounded frustrated with the organization, a little pissed and resigned to moving out of Coors Field.

If that's the case, it is what it is. The key then becomes getting talent for talent. General manager Dan O'Dowd would need to receive in trade a proven veteran or two and/or read closely, TOP PROSPECTS, as in elite level, not scrubs as usual, in return. Colorado would have to deal only with organizations that have those sorts resources.

WSN Classified Files

Franklin Morales' left arm has made the Rockies organization dream of big things. The problem to this point is Morales has insufficient control and command despite throwing cheddar in the minor leagues.

The word here has always been he is more valuable as a trade chip than future star in Denver. Guys without control usually go nowhere. just wrote of Morales and believes his future is likely to come out of the bullpen, and the Rockies desperately need a hammer there, saying he could develop into a B.J. Ryan type.

Bottom line? Morales is a long shot to "hit" but if he does, he could be a major piece to the winning puzzle.

That said, the WSN would package him in a trade for a star-like talent this offseason.

Where are my tickets

A fantastic breakdown of a dream match-up on the court between Wimbledon kings Roger Federer and Bjorn Borg, men who each hold a handful of the grass court titles, in succession. Tennis was worth watching back in the day of a young WSN writer with all the great personalities and talents. Now, here in this space, it is considered no more exciting than horseshoes.

But Federer-Borg would would resemble when a heavyweight fight was highly anticipated.

Even broadcasters are bad boys

Ex-NFL player and current broadcaster meat-head Bill Maas was just having some fun with a younger woman. You know, some guns, pot, coke, Ecstasy and sex. Just a weekend getaway to recharge his battery. To the victors go the spoils.

Of course, that's all exciting until you, you know, get pulled over by the state police. See, the cops love busts like these because they create great public relations and are fun to hold over the heads of their peers as in "hey, look at me! Look what I did!"

Maas, I'm sure, will go the athlete route, even though he isn't one anymore and spin that none of that stuff, including the girl, were his.

The silver lining in the story is this -- Maas can field phone calls of support from many ex-athletes who have also had a rendezvous with the smokies.

In the end, he'll get nothing more than a fine and a relative legal slap on the wrist.

Shower off

After the Maas story, how about something that lifts the soul. Caught a piece on ESPN last night titled Called to Serve about former tennis player Andrea Jaeger, told by Tom Rinaldi, which was brilliant.

Jaeger moved on from her sport at age 19 and achieved far more away from tennis than she every could have on the court once an injured shoulder would have healed.

If ESPN rebroadcast it today, catch it. Moving.

Catch the story on Reds outfielder Josh Hamilton in ESPN the Magazine. Another story of victory in life. The honesty, the power of a strong wife believing in you and the rebirth of a soul.

Worth the read.

Stein said it

It was written here before that Portland rookie center to be Greg Oden is not a lock to be a star because of his injury history and his apparent lack of passion.

Marc Stein of ESPN just wrote that the Blazers coaches are telling Oden that he needs "a sense of urgency" but guess what, amigos? Ever manage or know someone who had motivation problems? Did anything anyone tell them ever work to inspire them?

Those personalities just don't change.

So here's the skinny for years down the road when I'm long gone from writing this blog. Oden will have a successful career, maybe a long one if his body holds up and I think he will be a multiple-time all star but it would not shock me at all for him to end up his career ring-less unless he ends up gets his Tim Duncan like David Robinson did to lead.

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