Sunday, July 1, 2007

WSN Big Bang Sunday Truth

Early prognosis for the Broncos in 2007? Not good. They'll lose games they shouldn't on the road (the opener at Buffalo and at Kansas City) and at home (Jacksonville and Tennessee) and games they should (at Indy and Chicago and swept by San Diego) but to temper the shock the WSN initially is picking Denver to sweep the Raiders, top Pittsburgh, Green Bay and Minnesota at home, Detroit on the road, rough up Gary Kubiak's boys down Houston way and cross the finish line even-steven on the season at 8-8. The offense still lacks enough receivers, a surefire line, has a young quarterback who is going to make mistakes and the jury is still out on the pass rush.

As written here Friday, the Nuggets will be the medicine for that Broncos pain, winning the championship with D-League hero Von Wafer the shooting star to take pressure off Carmelo Anthony, Allen Iverson and Nene. At least that's what the Nuggets front office is selling right now. You buying?

The Rockies? They don't pretend to care about winning, only fielding a team that will "surprise."

Big Man on Campus

CU talent evaluators, beat writers and fans all know it's been a while since the Buffs have had an elite quarterback. Despite the gold being there for the taking no prep star has been interested. It's been even longer since Moses Moreno or Kelly Stouffer suited up for the Rams.

So what gives?

The answer to that question might lie in Tallahassee, where Florida State just got a verbal commitment from uber-prospect E.J. Manual.

One key in a recruit's mind might be the requisite proof that a school has actually produced a NFL first rounder or collegiate star of some magnitude, recently.

O.K., you respond to my query this way -- the Seminoles had Charlie Ward, who won the Heisman, but he played pro basketball, you fool! Chris Weinke was a star but stunk in the pros, you add. So how does slipping Florida State get Manual when all they currently have on the roster is Drew "Who?" Weatherford?

FSU scored Manuel with the Louisiana Purchase, thanks to top dog Bobby Bowden hiring Jimbo Fisher away from LSU to be his offensive coordinator. Fisher, you see, coached up JaMarcus Russell, the top overall pick in the draft.

Next musings

So who is the next Jason Smith or Nick Fazekas from this state -- the next Colorado tree that can and will make it big? Makes me also wonder that if CSU could have found a way to sign Fazekas too, what the Rams could have been and what Fazekas would have done in Fort Fun alongside Smith.

By the way, remember the name Matt Bouldin. Not a frontcourt force but a crafty guard playing in a system suited for his skills at Gonzaga.

Want some dirt? CU's Richard Roby would have been drafted by the NBA on Thursday if he had decided to turn pro after Ricardo Patton sunk the ship last season but it would have been deep into the second round. Back for another taste of college basketball, with better coaching, if Roby will work on Jeff Bzdelik's chain gang, believe and regain the magic he's shown at times in Boulder, he will prove better than, count 'em, eight guards who went in round 1 in the 2007 draft. Looking for a comparison for Roby? Try Nick Young of USC, who went 16th to the Wizards. Young is more polished and consistent but Roby has greater potential because of his size and rebounding. has compared former Texas A & M highlight show and Atlanta Hawk first rounder Acie Law IV to...Chauncey Billups. While the WSN has a definite appreciation for the clutch play of Law, he ain't no Billups.

That same publication likens Jason Smith to former Illinois standout and current Laker Brian Cook. Owwwwww, that hurt! Hey, it's all good -- Smith's going to turn out better due to his athleticism and ability to take the ball to the hole with more skill.

CU sophomore-to-be hoopster Jeremy Williams, a talented forward from Memphis, is ineligible for the fall semester. Do the Buffs even have five guys to suit up anymore? Williams just shot himself in the foot. His talent, a new coach who could bring out the best in him, a need for his very-visible skills on the floor and he will now be nothing more than a fan, an outcast until the spring semester.
Report card, Jeremy Williams

Decision Making, 101: F

Professor's comments: Should have gone to Nebraska, where he would have passed.
Now, before the baby coddlers bum rush me on that grading, let me admit I flunked Decision Making 101 in college, too. Numerous times. Not sure I ever passed that freakin' course. Daydreamed at the candy store with all those pretty girls, girls and more girls as well as indulging in the the occasional recreational idiocy. Thing is, I had zero talent, Williams does.

The Incorrigible

Ah, Isaiah Thomas back in the news, as always, borrowing from the Madonna and Dennis Rodman business model that the only bad publicity is no publicity. In the NBA draft, Thomas trades for thug Zack Randolph for talent reasons and now a former employee of the Knicks, Zanucha Browne Sanders, who is already suing Zeke's "6," as a former Marine friend of mine used to say, for sexual harassment is found to also be upset that Thomas asked a cheerleader to, at least, flirt with officials and not discipline star guard Stephon Marbury for cursing at Sanders. Here's the skinny, amigos -- Thomas thinks he's running a frat house and that he is an untouchable like his mentor -- the lovable, huggable Bobby Knight. That Thomas would find dirty little tricks to influence the game is nothing new. He was always known for being shady on the floor because of his great competitiveness. Using a cheerleader, well, that just makes Thomas the Knicks Pimp Daddy. Good thing he's one of the best players ever or he'd get dusted like Bill Hanzlik or Mike Evans did by the Nuggets.

Only in America

What's this I hear -- ESPN broadcaster Dan Patrick being contacted by CBS to audition to replace Bob Barker as host of The Price is Right? Why, because he's white, looks conservative and like a young Barker? What that show really needs is some flavor, like grocery store muzak, a new set not from the stone age and maybe even some price scanners for the contestants. How about Survival elements being mixed in too, like making people navigate aisles while in a hurry or cleaning up broken glass and spilled product to even play one of those foolish child-like games the show is known for. And as a host, what about some personality, say big boy comedian Ralphie May -- now that might even make that morning dreck worth watching.

Lightin' the cake

Pugilist Mike Tyson turned 41 Saturday, one of his greatest accomplishments. That he emerged alive from his upbringing and stayed alive with his lifestyle is amazing.

Today, former track and field star Carl Lewis showed up at the party 46 years old.

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