Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Rockies nap; Buff gets break; Outlaws

Colorado Warrior

The trading deadline came and the Rockies took a nap. Maybe that's not a bad thing. If a quality deal was not available then why make a move just to say you did? This isn't Colorado's year anyway. The time to improve will be this offseason. Mark Teixeira was a name of interest that could have infused some explosives to the lineup but there is no way Todd Helton can be moved anymore. His value is minimal and his contract is an albatross.

Former CU star guard Jay Humphries is back stateside after the Suns brought him back to Phoenix as an assistant coach. The ex-Buff played with the Suns for three of his 11 NBA seasons. He's been coaching overseas for the last six seasons. Many CU fans wanted Humphries on new coach Jeff Bzdelik's staff but working under Mike D'Antoni in the desert will be a higher profile position to aid his future dreams.

CSU reserve defensive lineman Devin McWilliams is trying to get kicked off the team and out of school, in essence packing his own bags for a return home to his family's home in Los Angeles. McWilliams can give thanks that he was only arrested for disorderly conduct after bringing a pellet gun to a large house party. Now what would the dude need that for at a party. Nothing good could come out of such a decision. Rams coach Sonny Lubick has to be scratching his head wondering what to say to someone so dense. How do you reason with a player who is so obviously foolish. Like you would trust that cat to do the right thing on or off the field?

And Lubick isn't alone with his grief as basketball coach Tim Miles has to handle the negative publicity and talent hit he's going to take with incoming freshman Stephen Franklin having an arrest warrant with his name on it for identity theft, according to a report by KCNC-Channel 4. You earn a scholarship to get an education and play your favorite sport and then you go do something to risk it all and go to jail. Franklin isn't smart enough to go to college and isn't good enough to be a part of Miles' program. Maybe the long road will refine Franklin's arrogance and character.

Local writers are gushing over Rockies reliever Manny Corpas as if he's the answer as the team's closer. He's not. Corpas is a an intriguing talent with high-level potential, as an eighth-inning guy. He's been shutdown this season but his numbers haven't yet shown the ability to dominate. Remember, a year ago it was Ramon Ramirez who looked like like all that. This season, he got rocked early and ended up back in Colorado Springs until a recent call-up. That said, Corpas is indeed a key piece to the Rockies puzzzle to create a winner.

As Kyle Ringo of the Daily Camera reports, CU is getting that much needed makeover to its' sickly facilities, which will help the program now and become a point to sell not hide for future recruits. AD Mike Bohn is doing his job with positive tangible results to show doubters. With an improved product on the field in the next few seasons, the Buffs could have the rebirth they desire in the Big 12.